Ningbo Climate

Ningbo is located in the Ningbo plain, with moderate latitude and subtropical monsoon climate, which makes it climate with the characteristic of mild and humid. Its average temperature is 16.4 ℃, and the highest average temperature is in July, it’s 28 ℃. The lowest is in January, it’s 4.7℃. The average precipitation is about 1, 480 mm, which accounts for 60% of the annual precipitation from May to September. The average annual sunlight is 1,850 hours. There are distinct seasons, which are 2 month of warm spring, 4 months of hot summer, 2 mouths of cool autumn and 4 mouths of cold winter.

Time to travel there

There is no special unsuitable time for touring there. All seasons are suitable for travelling there because Ningbo is a typical water town climate in China. But spring and autumn are the best. For during these 2 seasons, the temperature is moderate and the scenery is the most pleasant. Meanwhile, you can avoid rainy days in summer and cold winter.

Travel tips

To eat seafood from May to October

Shipu fishing port is a family fishing port in Xiangshan, Ningbo, and it is also a summer beach resort. Therefore, it’s suitable for visitors to eat seafood and spend a holiday at a summer resort there. From May to October, it’s also the best time for you to travel to Xiangshan.

Waxberry picking

May and June are the harvest seasons of waxberry so that it’s good time for waxberry picking during this period in Cixi city. You can enjoy mountain climbing, waxberry picking and waxberry alcoholic drinking there.

Dressing tips

Remember to take warm clothes with you if you choose winter as your travel time. And the summer is hot there, remember to take some summer wearing with you. Spring and autumn are the same as normal climate in other places.

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