Ningbo Festivals and Events

In addition to Chinese traditional festivals, every place has its own festivals and activities that show its culture and customs. In order to make you have chances to enjoy the activities and festivals so that you are able to know more about Ningbo and local people, here are some information about Ningbo festivals and activities that may be helpful for you to know.

Dragon Boat Racing

Time: May 5th and August 16th (lunar calendar)
The activity is for the people living in regions of rivers and lakes. The race falls on May 5th is to show people’s respect to the patriotic poet of Chu state, Quyuan. The later race is Ningbo’s Mid-autumn festival. In addition to the boat racing, you can also watch local temple fairs.

Seafood festival, Xiangshan

Time: May 1st—May 7th(Labour Day)
Xiangshan enjoys good reputation as “the fairy kingdom of mountain and sea, everything in the painting”. Seafood festival is usually held in Songlan Mountain shore. Their main activities are beach folk activities, fishmen’s clothing display, sailboard performance, fishing, crab catching, etc.

Waxberry festival, Cixi

Time: June 28th
Cixi and Yuyao is abundant in waxberry so that there are waxberry festivals every years. The waxberry brings more people to know about this place, to taste waxberry and to relate local development with waxberry. Waxberry has benefit the places a lot. You can experience waxberry picking and know a lot about waxberry if you take part in their activities. What’s more, if you like eating waxberry, it’s good chance for you to enjoy this festival.

China Xiangshan Fishing Festival

Time: September
It’s a festival that local people show their respect to the nature and pray for safety and harvest before they start fishing. When the national fishing moratorium ends, it’s time for fishing starting. The festival attracts lots of people to take part in, so the scene is quite spectacular.

Ningbo Tourism Festival

Time: September – October
This festival has the landmark significance of the city and the obvious characteristics of Ningbo. It attracts lots of people from home and abroad. It shows the existing tourism resources of Ningbo. Visitors enjoy the festival could learn and know a lot about tourism in Ningbo.

Chinese Butterfly Lover Festival

Time: October
The festival takes the butterfly lovers as the main line, with the wedding ceremony as content to deduce the marriage of China and other county in the world.

Chinese Filial Festival

Time: October
In order to carry forward the culture of filial piety and build a harmous society, the festival is held every year in Cicheng, the hometown of Cixiao culture.

China (Fenghua) Xuedou Mountain Maitreya Culture Festival

Time: November
Taking the maitreya culture as the carrier, the local unique maitreya culture and regional culture can be fully showed, and the religious culture can be passed on so that regional culture in the world can be promoted.