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What to Buy

Ningbo is a city with abundant seafood resources. Besides, there are all kinds of foods you can buy, from fruit to cake.

Top Ten Recommended Things to Buy

Waxberry in Yuyao

Yuyao waxberry, which has good color and rich in sweetness and all kinds of minerals and vitamins, is renowned in China. Yuyao is the central ministry of agriculture named the national land of waxberry, and it has a long history with more than 7,000 years. The waxberry there has been sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and northeast of China, and some products have entered the international market in HongKong.

Ningbo Glue Pudding

It’s a traditional Zhejiang desert. The main ingredients are glutinous rice, black sesame, lard, sugar, osmanthus, etc. People created new varieties since 1990s, and some of them has been exported to Japan and Macao regions. Ningbo glue pudding is quiet famous in China. When it comes to glue pudding, the first brand comes to people’s mind must be Ningbo glue pudding.

Taro in Fenghua

Taro is rich in starch. It’s sweet and glutinous, which can both be a staple food and a snack. Cooked taro with ribs is a special dish cooked from Fenghua taro.

Laver in Xiangshan

Laver breeding in Xiangshan, which is one of the leading products as seawater aquaculture breeding, has a long history of more than 30 years. It is convenient to take for your friends or family who like cooking.

Crab in Xiangshan

Ningbo is a city that is abundant in seafood so that people are recommended to buy seafood there. Crab in Xiangshan is tender, clean and rich in protein, fat and various minerals. In winter, crabs there are the most vigorous, weighing about 200 grams, which can reach up to 500 grams. It is a staple of the coastal residents’ table.

Peach in Fenghua

Fenghua city is the key region of peach in China. Fenghua peach enjoys a good reputation with its unique taste, soft sarcocarp, sweet taste, juicy characteristic and beautiful shape.

Yellow croaker in Xiangshan

Xiangshan is located in a good location that makes it a good place for the growth of yellow croaker. The yellow croaker has good quality. It’s a good choice for seafood lovers.

Grapes in Cixi

Xinpo town, Cixi, is located in the south of famous Hangzhou bay bridge. Grapes there have a history of more than 40 years. The brand of “Golden Queen” there won the national grape competition gold award. Because of good soil resources and experienced farmers, grapes there welcome thousands of customers every year.

Rice cake in Cicheng

Rice cake in Cicheng has hundreds of years of producing history. It can be cooked, fried, braised, stir-fried, steamed and so on. It is a must-have item on New Year’s Eve for local people.

Multi-layer steamed bread in Xikou

It is a special food in Ningbo with more than 100 years of history. It has 27 layouts in all. Multi-layer steamed bread there has won several provincial special award, and it has become a popular choice for Chinese and foreigners as a gift for their friends and family.

Where to Buy

Ningbo Tianyi Square

Ningbo Tianyi Square, which is in the center of Ningbo, is a large commercial plaza that integrates leisure, commerce, tourism, catering and shopping. All kinds of shopping malls cluster there. You can buy all kinds of Ningbo specialty there. Of course, other things you want can be found there as well.

Heyi Avenue Shopping Center

Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, the center of shopping and entertainment in Ningbo, is a must-visit place for tourists. It’s a wonderful place first night tour in Ningbo. The music fountain there is very good at night. This shopping center is also famous in China.

In-City Mall

You can see all kinds of activities there, such as exhibitions, in this shopping mall. The parking lot there is free. It is also a center of shopping and entertainment.

Ningbo Chenghuang Temple Shopping Mall

It’s located in the prosperous commercial district of Yongcheng city. The biggest commercial and cultural center, integrates shopping, entertainment, food and tourism. The place is a perfect combination of ancient architectural style and modern decoration. Customers are able to enjoy the beauty of ancient architecture and the long history of Ningbo’s local history, as well as feeling the folk customs there.

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