Lishui Overview

Chinese Name: 丽水 English IPA: /[lí shuǐ/ Location: In the southwest of Zhejiang province Population (city): About 2.18 million Language: Mandarin, Wu Chinese Zip code: 323000 Tel code: 0578 Time zone: UTC+8

Lishui is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Zhejiang province, People’s Republic of China. It borders Quzhou, Jinhua and Taizhou to the north, Wenzhou to the southeast, and the province of Fujian to the southwest. The name of the city literally means “Beautiful Water”, but the pronunciation of its first character is “lí”, not the usual “lì”. It is name as “the Green Valley in Zhejiang province”, and its ecological environment quality ranks first in Zhejiang province. Therefore, it is a splendid tourist destination to visit and you could get closer to nature.


  • Green City: There are 3,573 mountains which are over 1000 meters above sea level in Lishui, which makes it a place to get closer to the nature. Also, its high quality of environment ranks first in Zhejiang province. It is also known as The Forest City of Zhejiang province, if you like green things in nature, it is a good place to go.
  • Diverse Culture: There is one ethnic group which is She nationality who has its own culture. Also, culture of Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Islamism could be found there.
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage: Traditional celadon firing and manufacturing skills was listed into Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. From then on, Longquan celadon became the world’s first and was the only ceramic project to be included in the list.

Other Destinations in Lishui

    Lishui Attractions

    There are tourist attractions with all levels for tourists to visit. You could go to Xiangonghu Lake, Dajunshexiangzhichuang Scenic Spot, Nanjianyan Scenic Spot, Qianfoshan Scenic Spot, Shenlonggu Valley, Dongxiyan Scenic Spot, Shimendong Cave, etc. [...]

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    Lishui Tours

    There are various national sceneries and cultural sites in Lishui so that you could see different places. In order to make you visit as many tourist attractions as possible, we has designed some tour plans that is capable of saving your time to witness more amazing sites. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Lishui is a place that suffers from disastrous weather in different period. In spring, it encounters cold wave, cold and rainy days, strong convection, spring drought and so on. And few years, it met freezing weather. In summer, it experiences unpleasant weather like strong tropical cyclones, heavy rain, thunderstorms and high temperature. In autumn, though it enjoys cool and sunny weather, autumn drought could happen because of little rain. In some years, typhoon and cold weather hit. In winter, because [...]

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    Lishui enjoys a convenient transportation network. Over 4,000 kilometres of paved roads and highways link every sub-county of the prefecture. These roads, together with the No.330 National Highway and Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, form the public transportation system of the prefecture. In addition to train and coach, you are provided with self-service bus, taxi, shared bike or car as well. [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    In addition to mentioned festivals and activities, you could also enjoy Peach Blossom from March to April, in Jiukeng, Cherry Blossom Festival in Huanglingshang Village, Cherry Picking in May in Huanglong Scenic Spot, Water Sprinkling Festival in Jingning from July to October, China (Qingtian) Waxberry Festival in July, etc. [...]

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    Travel Tips

    There are all sorts of mountainous scenic spots in Lishui, so you need prepare some suitable shoes, clothes or hats. During your journey in this kind of areas, please keep up with your friends or tour guides in case of getting lost. She nationality is an ethnic group that possesses their own special things, please respect their customs or culture. Lishui is full of mountains and rivers, so the temperature there may vary largely, please take suitable clothes with [...]

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    Useful Maps

    In order to give tourists better realization of location of Lishui in Zhejiang or the tourist destinations around in Lishui, we have offered maps about Lishui for you, such as Lishui Zhejiang Location Map, Tourist Spots Around Lishui Map, etc. [...]

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    Lishui Accommodation

    You are capable of finding all sorts of hotels or inns there in Lishui, you could book them when you get there or in advance. But if you visit there in golden travel week, you’d better reserve in advance. [...]

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