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Chinese Name: 昆明 English IPA: [kʊn'mɪŋ] Location: Central Yunnan Population (city): 6,626,000 Language: Kunming Dialect Zip code: 650000 Tel code: 0871 Time zone:

Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Today it is a prefecture-level city and the political, economic, communications and cultural center of the province as well as the seat of the provincial government. Kunming is the forefront and the portal that China facing Southeast Asia, South Asia and even the Middle East, of southern Europe and Africa. Kunming is also called the Spring city due to its moderate weather. According to the report by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016, Kunming rank 2nd livable city in China. 

Highlights of Kunming

Spring City: With its perpetual spring-like weather which provides the ideal climate for plants and flowers, Kunming is known as the “Spring City”. The city is covered with blossoms and lush vegetation all-year round.

Black-headed Gull: Every winter, black-headed gulls from Siberia fly to Kunming and settle in Green Lake and Dianchi Lake, forming a harmonious scene of human beings and nature.

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Kunming Attractions

Kunming is called as the Ever Spring City, always waiting you to explore its beauty. Before you start your trip, figuring out Kunming Attractions and what to do in Kunming will make this trip more pleasant and go well. strolling in the parks, temples of Kunming is really enjoyable. You can also watch seagulls in Dianchi Lake area in winter or early spring. Outskirts top attractions like Stone Forest, Jiuxiang Caves, Dongchuan Red Land gradually become travellers’ preference. Besides, you [...]

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Kunming Tours

Kunming is one of the top ten tourist hotspots in China and the first batch of excellent tourist cities in China. It is very easy to find enchanting sceneries, such as the splendid  Yunnan Stone Forest, expansive Dianchi Lake, charming Anning Hot Spring, extremely fine craftsmanship-Jiuxiang Caves, lucid Yangzonghai Lake, magnificent Jiaozi Snow Mountain, colourful Yunnan Ethnic Village, charming Dongchuan Red Land and other famous scenic spots. What's more, there are more than 10 hot tourist routes form [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Kunming , China Climate & When to Go

By investigating the weather condition of Kunming, We find out the best time to visit Kunming. Climate of Kunming  Having low latitude plateau monsoon climate, Kunming enjoys the fame of 'Spring City' because of its moderate climate. The average annual temperate is 15℃ and yearly precipitation is 1035 mm. The weather of Kunming is never hot in summer and cold in winter. The yearly temperature difference is small but the daily temperature difference is large, up to 12-20℃ in winter and 4-10℃ in [...]

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Transportation, Kunming , China Transportation

Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province.  Kunming is the forefront and the portal that China facing Southeast Asia, South Asia and even the Middle East. Travelers would do well to familiarize themselves with the provincial, inter-provincial, and internationally-linked transportation network, including travel options by air, by rail, and by road. The main air, rail, and highway routes within the province and beyond are listed below. How to Get in Kunming? By Plane Kunming Changshui International Airport(昆明长水国际机场) is located in Changshui Village, [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Kunming is a typical multi-ethnic united county. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Kunming. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Kunming. We provide you with a brief view of them. Festivals of Kunming: Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival It’s Annually held in May Day, lasts five days in total, it is also celebrated with Kunming Carnival (lasting three days). Activities are carried out in squares, parks, pedestrian streets and scenic spots all round Kunming city. Fancy car parade, dancing and [...]

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Travel Tips

Kunming Travel Tips will be helpful if it's your first time to visit here. For a better travel experience, it's necessary to read the information below. 1. Useful Numbers • Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120 • Weather forecast of the scenic spots: 16800122 • Zip code inquiry: 3139491 • Consumption Complaint: 12315 • Tourism Complaint: 3164961 2. Visa-free Travel From July, 2015, passengers from 51 countries/regions including US, Canada, and most of the countries in Europe using Changshui International Airport for transit are allowed [...]

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Useful Maps

Kunming is located in the middle of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau at an altitude of 1900 meters, the capital and the largest city in Yunnan Province. Reputed as “the City of Eternal Spring”, Kunming is suitable to be visited all year round. Yunnan Adventure Travel selects some maps for travellers to figure out what you are going to visit and how to visit. Map of Kunming city, map of Kunming attractions, map of Kunming tour routes, map of Kunming transportation, map [...]

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Kunming Accommodation

Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province. Kinds of hotels are available for you to check. we have carefully selected the following hotels and hostels for its good location and best value for money. No matter you want a luxury stay in a 5-star hotel, or want a special experience in local featured hostel, or like to accommodate a distinct boutique hotel, we will help you find the best hotel according to your needs and budget. Here,we have [...]

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