Kunming Travel Tips

Kunming Travel Tips will be helpful if it's your first time to visit here. For a better travel experience, it's necessary to read the information below.

1. Useful Numbers

• Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120

• Weather forecast of the scenic spots: 16800122

• Zip code inquiry: 3139491

• Consumption Complaint: 12315

• Tourism Complaint: 3164961

2. Visa-free Travel

From July, 2015, passengers from 51 countries/regions including US, Canada, and most of the countries in Europe using Changshui International Airport for transit are allowed 3 visa-free days in Kunming with valid international travel document and confirmed interline ticket to the third country/region.

3. Money Exchange

You can use cash and your passport to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China without fees charged. And 17 kinds of currency are supported, such as English pound, US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and so on.

1. Rixin Road Branch of Bank of China (日新路支行)
    Address: N0.632, Rixinzhong Road of Xishan District
    Telephone: 0878-64139710

2. Dongfeng Branch of Bank of China (东风支行)
    Address: No.18, Dongfeng Weat Road of Wuhua District
    Telephne: 0878-63612090

3. Yunnan Province Branch of Bank of China (云南省分行)
     Address: No.515, Beijing Road of Panlong District
     Telephone: 0878-63192903

4. Guanyu Branch of Bank of China (关雨支行)
    Address: No.1682, Yulong Road of Guandu District
    Telephone: 0871-67369126

4. Dressing Tips

The temperature changes a lot between day and night in Kunming especially in rainy day, please keep warm and take care of. Due to the high altitude, please protect yourself from strong UV radiation by wearing sun hats, sun glasses and sunscreen. And drink more water because the climate is dry here.

5. Toilet Facilities

Public Toilets can easily found in Kunming City for free or changing 0.5 yuan. And you can find free sanitary toilets in large shopping mall or fast food restaurants.

6. Post Offices 

1. Dianchi Road Branch of China Post Office (滇池路邮政支局)
    Address: No.501, Dianchi Road of Xishan District
    Telephone: 0871-64613982

2. Kunming Station Branch of China Post Office (昆明站邮政支局)
    Address: No.349, Zhanqian Road of Guandu District 
    Telephone: 13238692236

3. Xinwen Road of China Post Office (新闻路邮政支局)
    Address: No.283, Xinwen Road of Wuhua District

7. Hospitals

1. The First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province (云南省第一人民医院)
    Address: No.157, Jinbi Road of Xishan District
    Telephone: 0871-63639921

2. Yunnan Dadian Hospital (云南大滇医院)
    Address: No.773, Jiaoling Road of Wuhua District
    Telephone: 0871-65359869

3. Kunming Huaxi Hospital (昆明华西医院)
    Address: No.86, Gulou Road of Panlong District 
    Telephone: 0871-65367676

4. Kunming Guandu People's Hospital (昆明市官渡区人民医院)
    Address: No.63, Yinfeng Road of Guandu District 
    Telephone: 0871-67173154

8. Book Store

1. Xinhua Book Store (新华书店)
   Address: In Xinshan District of Kunming
   Telephone: 4000004079

2. Kunming Book City (昆明书城)
    Address: No.56, Nanping Street of Kunming
    Telephone: 0871-63634490