Kunming Overview

‣ Basic Information of Kunming

● Chinese Name:昆明

● Key Words:Spring City

Kunming Altitude:1,900 meters

Kunming Population: 6,626,000

Kunming Average Temperature:15°C (59°F)

‣ Administrative Division 

Kunming has jurisdiction over 14 subdivisions; six districts, one county-level city, four counties and three autonomous counties: Panlong District(盘龙区),Wuhua District(五华区),Guandu District(官渡区),Xishan District(西山区),Chenggong District(呈贡区),Dongchuan District(东川区), Shilin Yi Autonomous County(石林彝族自治县),etc.

‣ Geography

The center of Kunming is about 1891 m above sea level. The highest point in Kunming is Mamanling in Gongwangshan, which is 4247.7 m above sea level, and the lowest point in Kunming is the confluence of Jinsha River and Pudu River, which is 746 m above sea level. The city is located in the Yungui Plateau, the total terrain is high in the north and low in the south, and gradually decreases from north to south. Central uplift, lower on both sides of the east and west.

‣ Climate

With its perpetual spring-like weather which provides the ideal climate for plants and flowers, Kunming is known as the "City of Eternal Spring". The city is covered with blossoms and lush vegetation all-year round. The period from May to October is the rainy season and the rest of the year is dry. The city has an annual mean temperature of 14.91 °C (58.8 °F), rainfall of 1,011 millimetres (39.8 in) (nearly three-fifths occurring from June to August) and a frost-free period of 230 days. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 30% in July to 69 percent in February and March, the city receives 2,198 hours of bright sunshine annually. Extreme temperatures in the city have ranged from −7.8 to 32.3 °C (18 to 90 °F).

‣  Best Time to Visit Kunming

The yearly average temperature of Kunming is around 20 degrees centigrade. Famous as the 'Spring City', Kunming is suitable for visit all the year round.

‣ Spring (March to May)

Kunming day and night temperature difference is big, there are saying that “four seasons in one day”. In spring and summer people can bring a thin unlined upper garment. The weather in Kunming is a bit dry. Suggested that drinking more water and eating more fruit and vegetables.

‣ Summer (June -August)

Kunming ultraviolet ray is very strong, the weather is changeable, umbrella and sun hat can use all the year round in Kunming, and girls don't forget to bring sunscreen.

‣ Autumn (September to October)

From May to October is the rainy season in Kunming, if it rains the temperature will be lower, so tourists have better to take a windcoat and light sweater.

‣ Winter (November to February)

The average temperature in Kunming in the coldest month will be 6 degree to 8 degree. People who are easily getting cold would better bring down jacket. “Take enough clothes of different seasons and prepare solid food" would be useful travel advise according to the special climate of Kunming.

‣ What to See in Kunming

Kunming is a hot spot in the national top ten tourist cities, the first excellent tourism city in China. There are many cultural relics in Kunming, like the Stone Forest, Dongchuan Red Soil, Dianchi Lake, Anning Hot Spring, Jiuxiang, Yangzonghai Lake,Yunnan Ethnic Village and so on. It is a large comprehensive tourist zone with natural scenery, folk customs, and scientific research combined; and it's the spikiest karst landscape in the world.

‣ What to Eat in Kunming

In Kunming, picturesque natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Kunming dishes are representative of Dian (Yunnan Province) cuisine, which combines cooking styles of other cities and nationalities outside Kunming in Yunnan Province. With its high humidity and mild temperatures Kunming provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes.

‣ Transportation

Kunming as the capital of Yunnan Province, is a national historical and cultural city. As the only mega-city in Yunnan Province (with a non-agricultural population of more than 1 million) and the fourth largest city in the western region (after Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an), it is one of the most important transportation hubs in western China. China is a first-class port city facing southeast Asia. With the completion of the new airport, Kunming has gradually become an international hub city.

Kunming has air connections with several Chinese and Southeast Asian cities. Kunming is served by Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG), which opened at 08:00 on 28 June 2012, replacing the older international airport, which was located 4–5 km (2.5–3.1 mi) southeast of central Kunming. Changshui is projected to be China's fourth largest airport and one of the world's top 80 airports. The new airport is expected to greatly increase the city's access to countries in SE Asia and S Asia. The airport is being constructed by Yunnan Airport Group.


Kunming, with a long history and splendid culture, is one of the first 24 famous historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council. It has a history of more than 2200 years of construction and a history of civilization of 3000 years in Dianchi Lake. About 30,000 years ago, there were people living in Dianchi Lake. From the warring States period to the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dian people around Dianchi Lake established Dian Kingdom and created unique Dian Culture.


Kunming enjoy  a long history and splendid culture. Kunming is one of the first 24 famous historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council.


In 2017, Kunming's gross domestic product for the whole year was 485.764 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7 percent over the previous year, at comparable prices. The added value of the primary industry was 21.013 billion yuan, an increase of 6.0 yuan; the added value of the secondary industry was 186.597 billion yuan, an increase of 9.0 percent; and the added value of the third industry was 278.154 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5 percent. The third industrial structure was adjusted from 4.6: 38.7: 56.7 to 4.3: 38.4: 57.3, and the contribution rate of the three industries to GDP growth was 2.8 percent and 60.3 percent, respectively. 


Kunming is one of top ten tourist cities in China and the first train of Chinese excellent tour cities. As of 2012, the city has more than 200 cultural relics protected by governments at all levels, many famous scenic spots at the national and provincial levels, and more than 10 state-level tourist routes at more than 100 key scenic spots such as the World Horticultural Expo Park and Yunnan Ethnic Villages. Form a tourism system with Kunming as the center, radiate the whole province, connect Southeast Asia, and integrate tourism, sightseeing, vacation and entertainment into one body.

• Consumption Level in Kunming

The consumption level in Kunming is not high compared to other cities in China. Accommodation, traffic and catering costs are not expensive but float greatly between slack season and busy season. Most of the expenses are spent on the tickets for scenic spot.