Kunming Festivals and Events

Kunming is a typical multi-ethnic united county. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Kunming. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Kunming. We provide you with a brief view of them.

Festivals of Kunming:

Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival

It’s Annually held in May Day, lasts five days in total, it is also celebrated with Kunming Carnival (lasting three days). Activities are carried out in squares, parks, pedestrian streets and scenic spots all round Kunming city. Fancy car parade, dancing and singing performances, water splashing carnival, snack banquet and local long street banquet are all excited contents of the grand Festivals. The whole city is immersed with joy at that moment.

Temple Fairs  

Even some historical sites and folk culture in Kunming have almost vanished in the past years. Kunming Old Street luckily remains and the temple fair is held annually from the lunar January 5th to lunar January 15th and become a bright tourism card. It attracts millions of visitors. Old Kunming flavor come to people’s sight again. On that day, local special products and snacks can be found from the Mingfeng mountain foot to the top. In the park, there are various entertainment activities and folk performance.

Torch Festival

Torch Festival is a grandest event of Yi ethnic minority, local Yi people will celebrate it on the 24th day of lunar June in Shilin Country. They gather and collected torch together into an burning tower, then sing and dance around the torch tower.

Hunting God Festival

Hunting God Festival – Lieshen (Hunting God) festival of Yi ethnic group is held at Jiuxiang during the 1st to 3rd day of lunar January. Antiphonal singing, bullfight, dance and many other folk activities will be conducted.

Other Festivals

Munao Zongge Festival of Jingpo (ethnic group)
Time: Late Feburary
Activities: tasting Jingpo rice wine, Munao Zongge dances

Sanduo Festival of Naxi
Time: Late Feburary
Activities: sacrificial activities of worshiping Sanduo (reportedly the god of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain), Naxi ancient music show, folk songs

Water-Splashing Festival of Dai
Time: mid-April
Activities: New Year of Dai ethnic group, splashing water to each other showing best wishes and many other celebrations

Shankang Festival of Blang  
Time: 16th to 19th day of Aprl
Activities: making sacrifice to the God of Mountain for good harvest, folk song and dance performances, eating the reunion dinner

Dengba Festival of Tibetan
Time: 5th to 6th of May
Activities: Tibetan Guozhuang Dance

Kuzhazha Festival of Hani
Time: Early August
Activities: riding a seesaw, pushing a swing, folk dances and songs

Xinmi Festival of Wa
Time: mid-October
Activities: beating the wooden drums, slaughtering cattle, folk performances, hosting a reunion of all Wa people


Horticulture Expo

World Horti-Expo in 1999 brought great fame to Kuming, the flora spring city. The government plan to held gardening and horticulture expo every year since 2009. The first expo will last a month in May, and then it will be held in every October since 2010.

Entertainment of Kunming:

 After a day of journey, We find some leisure and entertainment for tourists to relieve you for a day's exhaustion.

1. Tea House

Tea houses can be seen everywhere, local people will enjoy their time in these tea houses. we pick up some for tourists, such as Xiangshuiming Tea house(湘水名茶楼) and Shangcheng Shuiyi (尚城水逸).

2. KTV

If  tourists want to sing songs, there are some karaoke with good environment and service, such as Top KTV(顶尖), Huange KTV(欢歌KTV).

3. Massage

Massage is a good way to comfort tired bodies, so we search some good massage houses for tourists, such as Zuomu Massage(左木养身馆) and Honglian Massage(红莲养生馆).

4. Bar

Bars are another place to relax at night, we also search some romantic bars with cheap price, such as Babi(芭芘).