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Chinese Name: 安顺市 English IPA: An Shun Location: the central west of Guizhou Province Population (city): 2,344,400 Language: Southwest Mandarin Zip code: 561000 Tel code: 0851 Time zone: UTC+8

Anshun(安顺) is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guizhou Province, located in the central west of Guizhou Province, 90 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province. It is known as “the belly of Qian(Guizhou), the throat of Dian(Yunnan), and the lips and teeth of Shu(Sichuan) and Yue(Guangdong)”. Located in the watershed zone of Wujiang River basin of Changjiang River System and Beipanjiang River basin of Pearl River system, it is a typical karst landform concentration area in the world. The average elevation of Anshun City is between 1102 meters and 1694 meters, with a total population of 2.3444 million people and a total area of 9,267 square kilometers. Anshun was once an important center of tea trade, and nowadays, it is still the commercial center of western Guizhou.


  • Karst Landform: Anshun is located in the center of karst landform of South China, which is the largest karst landform area in the world and the most mature, typical and concentrated zone of karst landform. There are more than 1200 caves and more than 100 waterfalls in Anshun.
  • Historic Culture: With a long history and a deep cultural background, Anshun is a famous historical and cultural city in Guizhou Province. It owns unique historical and cultural legacies such as Chuandong culture(穿洞文化), Yelang culture, Zangke culture(牂牁文化), Tunpu culture and so on.
  • Ethnic Culture: There are more than 20 minority groups in Anshun, including Buyi, Miao, Dong, Hui and Yi, etc. Anshun is rich in folk handicrafts, folk art forms and ethnic customs, such as Anshun batik, Tunpu festive lantern, Tunpu Di Opera, Tiaohua festival, Si Yue Ba(the eighth day of the fourth lunar month) and Liu Yue Liu(Double Sixth Festival), etc. 
  • Folk Handicrafts: The batik is one of the most famous traditional handicrafts in Guizhou, and originates from Anshun. Anshun has long been known as “the hometown of batik”. Besides Batik art, Anshun has Tunpu festive lantern, Miao costumes, Buyi costumes, wood carving art, stone carving art and other crafts. 
  • Tourists Attractions: The representative attractions in Anshun include Huangguoshu waterfallDragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot, Tianlong Tunpu Village(天龙屯堡村), etc.

Other Destinations in Anshun

Anshun Attractions

Anshun City is located in the central west of Guizhou Province, adjacent to Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, known as "the belly of Qian(Guizhou), the throat of Dian(Yunnan), and the lips and teeth of Shu(Sichuan) and Yue(Guangdong)". Anshun is located in the center of South China karst landform, which is the largest karst landform region in the world, with more than 1200 karst caves and more than 100 waterfalls, scattering rivers and canyons, peak and stone forests, forest and lakes, underground rivers and [...]

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Anshun Tours

Anshun tours are usually related to other top destinations in Guizhou, like Guiyang, Kaili and Libo County, as well as other provinces like Yunnan and Guangxi. Famous for its karst landform, Anshun boasts spectacular natural scenic spots and rich historic culture. Anshun tours will take you to steep waterfalls, Huangguoshu waterfalls, dragon palace cave scenic area and other famous attractions in Anshun, as well as let you experience rich and colorful Tunpu culture at Tianlong Tunpu village. Besides, various tour themes can be chosen in Anshun Tour, such as ethnic minority villages tour, group tour, impression [...]

Climate & When to Go

Anshun is located at 105°13′-106°34′ east longitude, 25°21′-26°38′ north latitude, with an latitude of  560-1500 meters above sea level, enjoying a typical plateau humid subtropical monsoon climate. Anshun rainfall is abundant, with the annual average rainfall of 1360 mm and the annual average temperature between 14-16℃. The historical maximum temperature is 34.3℃, the minimum temperature of -7.6℃, the annual average relative humidity of 80%, and the annual average wind speed of 2.4 m/ s. The climate in Anshun is mild and pleasant, with no intense heat [...]

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Located in southwest of China, central west of Guizhou Province, Anshun is a hub city connecting Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province. The history of its trading center dates back to the 13th century, connecting remote areas such as north and south China and Myanmar. At present, it is available to get to this area by train, plane and long-distance bus.  How to Get to Anshun Airplane Anshun Huangguoshu Airport Anshun Huangguoshu Airport is located in Anshun city of Guizhou Province, 6 kilometers [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Besides some Chinese traditional festivals, like New Year's Day(January 1), Spring Festival(The first day of the first lunar month; February 5, 2019), Lantern Festival(The fifteenth day of the first lunar month), Tomb Sweeping Day(15 days after the Spring equinox; April 5, 2019), Dragon Boat Festival(The fifth day of the fifth lunar month; June 7, 2019) and Mid-Autumn Day(The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month; September 13, 2019), there are also some ethnic festivals and activities in Anshun.  Festivals in Anshun Tiaohua Festival(跳花节) The Tiaohua(Jumping Flower) festival is a traditional festival of Miao [...]

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Travel Tips

For a better travel experience while you are in Anshun, here are some useful Anshun travel tips which may be helpful for your tour.  Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Area Code: 0851 Zip Code: 561000 Weather Forecast: 12121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Check Telephone Number: 114 Taxi Complaint: 0853-3297777 Tourist Complaint: 0851-3281747 Railway Station Consultation: 0851-33293295 Civil Aviation Booking Office in Anshun: 0851-33220247 Best Time to Visit The best time to travel in Anshun is in spring, summer and autumn, especially in July and August. Scenery in Anshun has different merits in different seasons. Anshun's comfort period lasts for 8 months (March to November) [...]

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Useful Maps

Anshun is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guizhou Province, located in the central west of Guizhou Province, 90 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province. To help you have a better understanding of Anshun City, we have collected some useful Anshun maps including Anshun transportation map, Anshun regional map, Anshun location map, Anshun tourist attractions map, Anshun cities map, map of scenic spots around Anshun, Anshun travel map, etc, through which you can probably know how to get to Anshun and what to [...]

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Anshun Accommodation

Anshun was once an important collection and distribution center for commercial goods, and nowadays, it is still the commercial center and important tourists city of western Guizhou. Therefore, it is quite convenient for tourists to find a hotel to stay in Anshun, ranging from luxury hotels economic hotels. Among so many Anshun hotels, you can choose to stay around scenic spots for the convenience of sightseeing, or stay around railway station and bus station for easy going out. Here we have selected some hotels to [...]

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