Anshun Transportation

Located in southwest of China, central west of Guizhou Province, Anshun is a hub city connecting Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province. The history of its trading center dates back to the 13th century, connecting remote areas such as north and south China and Myanmar. At present, it is available to get to this area by train, plane and long-distance bus. 

How to Get to Anshun


Anshun Huangguoshu Airport
Anshun Huangguoshu Airport is located in Anshun city of Guizhou Province, 6 kilometers away from the city center, on the golden tourist line of Huangguoshu waterfall, dragon palace scenic spot and other natural and cultural landscapes in western Guizhou. The airport is equipped with advanced blind landing system, automatic meteorological observation system and other facilities to ensure the normal flight of the aircraft. It opens the city to visitors from major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Qingdao, Kunming and Guangzhou. Anshun is the tourism center of western Guizhou. The airport not only improves the traffic conditions of western Guizhou, but also serves as an important window for Anshun to open to society and develop tourism. Anshun is only 100 kilometers from Guiyang airport, where has more regular flights to many other major cities in China.
Add: Shaung Yang Chang, Xixiu District, Anshun City安顺市西秀区双阳场
Tel: 0851-33383083

Ticket Office of Huanguoshu Airport(黄果树机场售票处)
Address: No.44, Tashan East Road, Xixiu District, Anshun安顺市西秀区塔山东路44号
Tel: 0851-33359777/0851-33383000

Airport Transportation

1. City-bus

Start from Xixiu District, you can take No.9 bus to the airport; From Anshun railway station, No.24 bus can take you there. 

2. Taxi

It is not difficult to get a taxi in the downtown of Anshun. Start from Anshun city center, it takes about 18 minutes to Huangguoshu Airport, and costs about 20 yuan. 


Anshun is located at the center of southwest China, with convenient transportation. Guiyang-Kunming railway runs through Anshun to Guiyang, Sichuan, Guangxi and other places. Every day, there are trains to other major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou. In addition, there is also special Huangguoshu tourist line between Anshun and Guiyang every day, which strengthens the traffic links in Guizhou province.

There are two main railway stations in Anshun, Anshun railway station and Anshun west railway station. And the trains from Guiyang to Anshun mainly involve Guiyang north railway station and Anshun west railway station. 

Anshun Railway Station安顺站
Address: Zhonghua South Road, Xixiu District, Anshun City安顺市西秀区中华南路 

Anshun West Railway Station安顺西站
Address: Datun Village, Yaopu Town, Xixiu District, Anshun City安顺市西秀区幺铺镇大屯村

Anshun West Railway Station is a newly built high-speed railway station in Anshun city. It is a stop on the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, 12 kilometers from the Anshun railway station. It was officially opened on December 28, 2016.

High-speed Trains from Guiyang to Anshun
Departure Station: Guiyang North Railway Station
Terminal Station: Anshun West Railway Staiton
Departure Time: 07:20-21:12(about 30 daily trains)
Duration: 29-37 minutes
Price: 146.5 yuan(business class), 78 yuan(first class), 46.5 yuan(second class)

High-speed Trains from Anshun to Guiyang
Departure Station: Anshun West Railway Staiton
Terminal Station: Guiyang North Railway Station
Departure Time: 08:35-22:05(about 25 daily trains)
Duration: 30-39 minutes
Price: 146.5 yuan(business class), 78 yuan(first class), 46.5 yuan(second class)

Long-distance Bus

Guihuang expressway from Guiyang, Anshun to Huangguoshu. It only takes about 2 hours to drive from Guiyang to Huangguoshu, providing great convenience for tourists. Highways such as Anxin, Anliu and Anbi also pass through Anshun. 

Bus Stations in Anshun

1. Anshun East Bus Terminal(安顺汽车东站)
Address: Huangguoshu Avenue, Xixiu District, Anshun安顺市西秀区黄果树大街

2. Anshun North Bus Terminal(安顺汽车北站)
Address: Anpu City Avenue, Puding County, Anshun安顺市普定县安普城市大道

3. Guanling Bus Terminal(关岭客运站)
Address: In the Opposite of Baling Hotel, Guanling County, Anshun安顺市关岭县坝陵酒店对面

4. Zhenning Bus Terminal(镇宁客运站)
Address: County Road 456, Zhenning County, Anshun City安顺市镇宁县456县道

5. Pingba South Bus Terminal(平坝南客运站)
Address: Provincial Road, Pingba District, Anshun City安顺市平坝区102省道
Tel: 0851-34622598

6. Anshun West Bus Terminal(安顺客运西站)
Address: No.55, Tashan West Road, Xixiu District, Anshun安顺市西秀区塔山西路55号 
Tel: 0853-3223839 

Every day, there are buses from Guiyang Jinyang bus terminal to Anshun east bus terminal, Pingba, Yangwu, Jiuzhou. The whole journey is about 1-2 hours, and the ticket price varies 22-42 yuan. There are tourism special lines from Guiyang to Huangguoshu and from Anshun to Huangguoshu as well. Here below are some tourism special lines starting from Guiyang and Anshun to Huangguoshu. 

Place of Departure Place of Arrival Departure Time Duration Price
Guiyang Railway Station Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area 06:30 2.5h Round Trip Ticket: 135 Yuan(return to Guiyang from Anshun at 15:30 on that day)
Guiyang Water Conservancy Bureau Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area 06:50, 07:00 3h One-way Ticket: 50 Yuan
Round Trip Ticket+Meals: 112 Yuan/Round Trip Ticket+Tickets: 308 Yuan
Anshun Municipal Government Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area 08:30 1h Round Trip Ticket: 65 Yuan(return to Anshun at 16:00 on that day)

How to Get Around Anshun


There are at least 15 bus lines in the city, covering most of the main buildings and streets. Most buses are minibuses, and the price is usually 1 yuan per person.


It's convenient to take a taxi in the city. People can hail a taxi anywhere. Currently, there are at least 1500 taxis in service, with most drivers charging by the meter. Sometimes a reasonable flat rate is acceptable if they refuse to use taximeter. However, when you are extremely overcharged, you can call 0853-3297777 to complain. From 7:00-24:00, the starting price is 3 yuan within 2 kilometers, and the extra distance is 1 yuan per km; From 0:00-07:00, the starting price is 8 yuan within 2 kilometers, and the extra distance is 1.2 yuan per km.

Regular Bus

Huangguoshu is 40 kilometers from Anshun, there are regular buses going there from Anshun west bus terminal and south bus terminal, the fare is about 8 yuan.

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