Yulin (Guangxi)

Yulin (Guangxi) Overview

Chinese Name: 玉林 English IPA: /Yu:'lɪn/ Location: Southeast of China Population (city): 7,107,300 Language: Mandarin, Yulin Dialect, Hakka, Cantonese Zip code: 537000 Tel code: 0775(+86) Time zone: UTC+8

Yulin (Guangxi) is the fourth largest city in Guangxi Province with a history of several thousand years. Located in the southeast of Guangxi, it is featured with famous places of interest, colorful customs as overseas hometown, unique religious culture and thriving business and tourism, etc. Yulin is rich in tourist resources owning to its subtropical monsoon climate, which is known as the “natural garden in the south land” and the “China’s excellent tourist city.”


  • Land of Rich Resources: It is the national famous “Hometown of Litchi”, “Hometown of Longan”, “Hometown of San-Huang Chicken” and the origin of Shatian pomelo.
  • Great Attractions: As a tourist destination, Yulin has many scenic spots, including Copper & Stone Ridge Scenic Area in Beiliu, Zhenwu Pavillion on the Jinglue Platform in Rong County, etc.
  • Yulin Folk Song: Yulin people like to sing folk songs. No matter national politics or life matters, they can be sung out in the form of folk songs. Yulin folk song was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage in Yulin in 2009.
  • Yulin Food: Yulin is adjacent to Guangdong, so its taste of food prefers Cantonese flavor. The famous food are Xiang Pig, San-Huang Chicken, Flank Beef Rice Noodle and so on.

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Yulin (Guangxi) Attractions

Yulin is abundant in tourism resources with more than 120 scenic spots. No matter the natural scenery, or the artificial landscape, all you will be impressed here. Like the Copper & Stone Ridge Scenic Area, the Fairy Bridge, Luchuan Hot Spring, Zhenwu Pavillion on the Jinglue Platform, etc, they are the wonderful attractions that you could not miss. [...]

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Yulin (Guangxi) Tours

Located in the southeast of Guangxi, Yulin is a tranquil city but attracting more and more tourists in recent years due to its increasing improved infrastructure. All the tourist destinations in Yulin are easy to get, so the tours can be designed like the following: visit the scenery by visiting to the Copper & Stone Ridge Scenic Area, learn more about the ancient residential architecture by visiting Xielu Mountain Resort, have a good rest by visiting to Luchuan Hot Spring. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate in Yulin Since ancient times, Yulin has the reputation of “fine jade in Lingnan, wonderful sceneries as forests”. Yulin is located to the south of the Tropic of Cancer. It belongs to the subtropical zone and its climate is mainly subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is as high as 21°C, and the annual precipitation is also relatively much more, mainly concentrated in the summer monsoon period from May to October, with an average annual rainfall of 1,650 mm. The [...]

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Yulin City is located in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 190 kilometers west of Nanning City, the capital of the autonomous region, 109°39′ to 110°18′ east longitude, 22°19′ to 23°01′ north latitude. And it connects Maoming City in Guangdong in the east, Qinzhou City in the west,  borders Beihai City in the south, Guigang City in the north, Wuzhou City in the northeast. The city's total area is 12,800 square kilometers. [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Yulin is an ancient city with a history of more than two thousand years. It is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and treasures. The climate here is mild. Since ancient times, Yulin has no the chaos of war, and there is no drought or flood. There are many festivals, which are characterized by the unique cultural colors. China Tours will introduce the festivals one by one in details. 1. Lychee and Dog Meat Festival The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, (or Yulin [...]

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Travel Tips

1.Useful Numbers fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance:120 Consumers' Complaint: 12315 2. Post Offices China Post(Shatian Post Office Branch) Add: No. 32 Yubo Road, Shatian Town, Fumian District Yulin City(玉林市福绵区沙田镇玉博路32号) Tel: 0775-2180261 China Post(Letter Delivery Department, Yulin Post Office) Add: No. 139-1 East Guangchang Road(广场东路139-1号) Tel: 0775-2881188 China Post( Post Office Branch, Huanxi Road, Xingye County) Add: No. 206 Huanxi Road, Shinan Town(石南镇环西路206号) Tel: 0775-3763889 China Post(Chengzhong Branch) Add: Yijing Hotel, No. 727 East Renmin Road(人民东路727号意景宾馆) Tel: 0775-2881188 3. Banks Agricultural Bank of China(Business Department of Yulin Branch) Add: No. 257 Middle Minzhu Road, Yulin City(玉林市人民中路257号) Tel: 0775-2828439 China [...]

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Useful Maps

If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. Our Yulin maps cover different types of useful maps including Yulin Location Map, Yulin City Map, Yulin Attraction Map, Yulin Transportation Map, and so on to help you better understand about Yulin City and plan your Yulin tour. [...]

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Yulin (Guangxi) Accommodation

As a tourist city, Yulin has enough big hotels and small hotels. Here we have selected several hotels for you based on good service and the best location. Since each hotel offers a comfortable environment and reasonable prices, any choice you make is worth it. China Dragon Tours will always find the most suitable hotels for you. Hotel Name Star-rating Address Telephone Beiliu Country Garden Phoenix Hotel(北流碧桂园凤凰酒店) 5-Star No. 299, South Er Road, Beiliu City 0775-2755555 Rong County Yangxin Academy Hotel(容县养心学院酒店) 5-Star Duqiao Mountain Scenery Zone, Shizhai Village, [...]

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