Yulin (Guangxi) Climate

Climate in Yulin

Since ancient times, Yulin has the reputation of “fine jade in Lingnan, wonderful sceneries as forests”. Yulin is located to the south of the Tropic of Cancer. It belongs to the subtropical zone and its climate is mainly subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is as high as 21°C, and the annual precipitation is also relatively much more, mainly concentrated in the summer monsoon period from May to October, with an average annual rainfall of 1,650 mm. The summer is hot and humid, subject to the western Pacific subtropical high pressure belt. The impact is more obvious. The average summer temperature is about 25°C, and the average precipitation is 150 mm. At this time, many people wear only shorts. It is relatively cool in summer, the general temperature is around 15°C, but the precipitation has obviously begun to decrease.

Yulin not only has a mild climate, but also has few meteorological disasters. The small town in the south is too warm. There is no snow here, and there are less frozen disasters. Of course, in terms of aesthetics, this is naturally a kind of deficiency. The frost-free period is very long, and the annual average frost-free period can reach 346 days, which greatly reduces the impact of frost on plant growth. At the same time, the light duration is also sufficient. According to statistics, the annual average sunshine hours can reach 1,795 hours, and the crops grow well, so Yulin has become a very important grain production base in Guangxi. At the same time, because it is far away from the ocean, it is less affected by the typhoon on the ocean. When the coastal city is ravaged by the wind, it is just a warm harbor with a little coolness. Because Yulin is always green all year round, the climate is pleasant, and natural disasters are rare. Therefore, Yulin is a good tourist attraction, and it is also a feng shui treasure.

Best Time to Visit Yulin

Owing to its typical subtropical monsoon climate, Yulin has the moderate climate with the annual average temperature of 22 celsius degrees. So it is suitable for tourism in its four seasons. Especially in summer and autumn, because the litchi and pomelo matures respectively, you can both enjoy the beautiful scenery and taste the fresh fruit at the same time.

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