Yulin (Guangxi) Transportation

Yulin City is located in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 190 kilometers west of Nanning City, the capital of the autonomous region, 109°39′ to 110°18′ east longitude, 22°19′ to 23°01′ north latitude. And it connects Maoming City in Guangdong in the east, Qinzhou City in the west,  borders Beihai City in the south, Guigang City in the north, Wuzhou City in the northeast. The city's total area is 12,800 square kilometers. Yulin occupies an important geographical position throughout Guangxi.

How to Get to Yulin

By Air

The Yulin Civil Airport is located at the Wangjiu Changzhi(旺久场址), Shihe Town, Fumian District, Yulin City. It is about 21 kilometers away from the downtown of Yulin City and about 30 kilometers away from the highway. The traffic advantages around the site are outstanding. The Ring Expressway, Yutie Expressway, Yutie Railway, Yugong Secondary Road and the planned Lipu-Yulin Expressway pass nearby, providing good traffic conditions for the site, which is conducive to creating three-dimensional integrated transportation system. The project will be completed at the end of 2019 and reach the navigation conditions, which will fill the blank of civil aviation construction in southeastern Guangxi. It is estimated that the annual passenger throughput will be 740,000 person-times and the annual cargo throughput will be 5,000 tons by 2025. However, Zhanjiang Airport has office in Yulin. There also has direct bus from Yulin to Zhanjiang Airport, needing only 2 hours.

By Train

Yulin Railway Station has a total of 51 trains, including 4 G-series high-speed trains, 47 ordinary trains.  And the departure time of the earliest train in Yulin Railway Station isf 01:20 and the departure time of the the latest train in Yulin Railway Station is 23:46. The railway connects the major cities of the South and some cities in the north. The railway has become the primary choice to Yulin. The Timetable of Yulin Railway Station is as follows: Terminus

Train No. Departure/Arrival Terminus
 T288  01:20/05:05  Nanning
 K830  01:29/06:40  Chengdu
 K150  01:44/06:12  Shanghai South
 K1208  01:58/21:19  Kunming
 K1562  01:59/15:00  Jinan
 K1207  02:15/14:30  Shenzhen East
 K981  03:20/05:50  Zhanjiang
 K843  03:34/12:40  Guangzhou
 K157  04:31/06:55  Zhanjiang
K1803 04:48/07:20 Zhanjiang
D8382 08:57/10:57 Nanning East
K1473 09:22/12:25 Zhanjiang
K1564 09:50/13:46 Nanning
K871 09:53/13:00 Zhanjiang
K457 10:30/19:28 Haikou
K229 10:45/08:58 Xiamen
K9314 10:58/15:04 Nanning
D8394 11:18/15:16 Baise
D8482 11:40/15:02 Guilin
K149 11:42/14:28 Zhanjiang
K1804 12:06/08:28 Wuchang
K9323 12:14/13:02 Bobai
D8384 12:22/14:13 Nanning East
5506 12:34/20:32 Guilin North
D8386 13:44/15:35 Nanning East
5537 14:36/17:40 Zhanjiang
T80 14:50/18:46 Nanning
T82 15:00/13:27 Shanghai South
K230 15:22/10:16 Kunming
5538 15:32/22:35 Jinchengjiang
T290 15:40/18:05 Beijing West
K9324 16:17/20:10 Nanning
K982 16:30/09:50 Kunming
5505 16:42/20:10 Maoming West
D8388 17:00/18:58 Nanning 
K1474 17:14/18:35 Xiangyang
 K872  18:08/12:58 Chengdu East
K364 18:27/11:05 Kunming
K829 18:30/06:38 Shenzhen East
D8390 18:42/20:39 Nanning East
D8484 18:57/22:28 Guilin North
K585 19:04/07:40 Shenzhen West
K9313 20:26/23:14 Zhanjiang
D8392 20:27/22:24 Nanning East
K835 20:44/08:10 Shenzhen West
K586 20:56/22:57 Chengdu
K158 21:20/05:52 Beijing West
K836 21:33/18:15 Chongqing North
K458 21:58/23:13 Zhengzhou
K844 22:08/09:49 Guiyang
K363 23:46/08:40 Guangzhou

Please Note: The above trains are just for your reference. The detailed information is subject to the actual condition.

By Long-distance Bus

There are 3 long-distance bus stations in Yulin City, namely, Yulin Passenger Transport Center, Yulin Bus Terminal and Yulin Tourist Bus Station, which can reach 76 cities, including Nanning, Wuzhou, Guilin, Beihai, Guigang, Bobai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, etc.

By Water

The “Yulin City\Tieshan Port East Coast Wharf” already under construction in Yulin City belongs to the wharf of Yulin. Yulin already has the seaport, which is in line with the definition of coastal cities. In near future, it is possible to come to Yulin by water.

How to Get Around Yulin

By Bus

The fare for public buses is RMB 1 or RMB2 throughout Yulin. Most of the buses in the city start around 6:00 am and end at 10:30 pm. It is very convenient to take a bus to get around Yulin City.

By Subway

Yulin Rail Transit is an urban rail transit system serving Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It has a total of eight lines with a total length of 74.97 kilometers, which are still under planning stage.

By Taxi

Taxi travel has greatly facilitated our daily life. The image of a taxi also represents the external image of a city. For tourists, it is very convenient to take a taxi to get around Yulin City.

By Sharing Bike

It is the best choice to ride a bike around the city to appreciate the scenery. There are many dockless bikes on the streets of Yulin. To download bike sharing apps and finish the ID verification procedure, you can use these bikes. Usually CNY 0.5 - 1 for every 30 minutes.