Yulin (Guangxi) Culture

Yulin (Guangxi) is the fourth largest city in Guangxi Province with a history of several thousand years. Located in the southeast of Guangxi, it is featured with famous places of interest, colorful customs as overseas hometown, unique religious culture and thriving business and tourism, etc.

1. Hakka Culture

As the main settlement of the Hakka people in southeastern Guangxi, Yulin has a unique Hakka cultural tourism resources. In Guangxi, most of the counties and cities have Hakka people, and Yulin in southeastern Guangxi is one of the main settlements of the Hakka people in Guangxi. In addition, Bobai County in Yulin is the world's the biggest Hakka County. The population of more than 1.3 million Hakka people are here.

As the main distribution center and settlement of the Hakka people in Guangxi, the Hakka cultural tourism resources in Yulin City have local characteristics. Yulin Hakka's residential architecture, folk customs, folk art, flavors and folktales, although similar to other Hakka settlements, but also have distinct local characteristics, each detail is filled with the characteristics of Yulin local Hakka culture.

2.  Yulin Tea-picking Culture

Yulin tea-picking is an unique performance form created by a folk artisan who absorbed the strengths of tea-making art performances in the north and south and combined with songs, dances and dramas. It is usually played by a man and a woman to a group of two men and four women.   The dance steps of men are clear and generous. The dance steps of women are light and meticulous, and the emotions are subtle.

3. Dragon Worship

Dragon, the totem of the Chinese nation, is actually the prototype of river with similar forms and appearance. The totem worship of the dragon is the worship to the mysterious power of the river. There are grass dragon dance, small color dragon, bench dragon, fire dragon, water dragon, etc.

4. Festivals Culture

Yulin is an ancient city with a history of more than two thousand years. It is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and treasures. The climate here is mild. Since ancient times, Yulin has no the chaos of war, and there is no drought or flood. There are many festivals, which are characterized by the unique cultural colors.

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