Yulin (Guangxi) Accommodation

As a tourist city, Yulin has enough big hotels and small hotels. Here we have selected several hotels for you based on good service and the best location. Since each hotel offers a comfortable environment and reasonable prices, any choice you make is worth it. China Dragon Tours will always find the most suitable hotels for you.

Hotel Name




Beiliu Country Garden Phoenix Hotel(北流碧桂园凤凰酒店) 5-Star No. 299, South Er Road, Beiliu City 0775-2755555
Rong County Yangxin Academy Hotel(容县养心学院酒店) 5-Star Duqiao Mountain Scenery Zone, Shizhai Village, Shizhai Town, Rong County 0775-2707888
Yulinl Zhongding Sofitel Hotel (玉林中鼎索菲特酒店) 4-Star No. 88 Yudong Avenue, Yuzhou District 0775-2888888
Wucai Tianyuan Gengdu Shanzhuang Hotel(玉林五彩田园耕读山庄) 4-Star Wucai Garden, Maolin Town, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-3820011 
Yulin Garden International Hotel(玉林花园国际大酒店) 4-Star No. 48 East Yihuan Road, Yulin District, Yulin 0775-2333333
Yulin Hotel(玉林宾馆) 4-Star No. 133 Gongyuan Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2880151/2883177 
Yulin Jiahe International Hotel(玉林嘉和国际大酒店) 4-Star No. 862 North Yihuan Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2868588
Yulin Fucheng Ligong Grand Hotel(玉林福城丽宫大酒店) 4-Star No. 21 Shengli Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-3268888
Yulin Modern Guixin International Grand Hotel(玉林现代桂鑫国际大酒店) 4-Star No. 685 Middle Jiaoyu Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-5828688/5821868
Yulin Wanyuan International Grand Hotel(玉林万源国际大酒店) 4-Star No. 116 East Renmin Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2860000
Rong County Rongzhou Grand International Hotel(容县容州国际大酒店) 4-Star No. 10 Qiaoxiang Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Rong County 0775-3237999
Beiliu International Grand Hotel(北流国际大酒店) 4-Star No. 3 North Yi Road, Beiliu City 0775-3199999
 Yulin Xinxili International Hotel(玉林新西里国际酒店) 3-Star No. 2 Building, Xingfu Square, No.20 East Erhuan Road, Yulin District, Yulin 0775-2102999 
Aishangjia Hotel(艾尚佳酒店) 3-Star Interjection of Zhonggang Road and Jingang Road, Yulin 0775-3151000
Qianjing Boutique Hotel(千景精品酒店) 3-Star No. 476 Jiangbin Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2715666
Yeste Hotel Boutique Hotel(雅斯特精选酒店) 3-Star No. 501 South Minzhu Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2862888 
Qianyi Hotel(千宜酒店) 3-Star No.2 East Yihuan Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2700666 
 Yulin Jinyuan Grand Hotel(玉林锦源大酒店) 3-Star No. 848 North Yihuan Road, Yuzhou District, Yulin 0775-2888889 

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