Sand Therapy Center in Turpan

Why is Sand Therapy Center So Special?

Located in Shengya County, the Sand Therapy Health Center is affiliated with Turpan Uyghur Hospital. Here is a stabilized dune which is approximately 200 meters (0.1 mile) long, 80 meters (0.05 mile) wide and 10 meters (33 feet) high. It contains more magnetite sand than other sand dunes and is an ideal place to have sand therapy.

In summer, many tourists are attracted to this area. People lie or sit under colorful sunshades, or bury themselves in the sand and drink hot teas to dissipate perspiration. It seems that they are just enjoying themselves in the sand instead of curing their diseases. Some of them come here just to appreciate the spectacle of the Gobi. Under the glow of the sun, the sand dunes glitter with every hue, attracting even more tourists.

Where is Sand Therapy Center

Sand Therapy Center Located at Gaochang Road , Turfan, the museum was built in 1965 and relocated to the present site recently.

History of Sand Therapy Center

More than 5 thousands of cultural relics are stores in the museum. On its basic display “Turfan Historical Relics Exhibition” are numerous valuable cultural relics of various periods found in Turfan, which show people the course of history and civilization of Turfan. Some special exhibitions are also held in the museum. They are “Ancient Mummies Exhibition”, showing ancient mummies and their dresses and ornaments survived from the particular climate condition, and “Rhinoceros Exhibition”, showing a rhinoceros fossil and a dinosaur fossil of Jurassic Period about 7000-2400 ten thousands years ago.

Brief Introduction of Sand Therapy Center

It is a folk treatment method to bury the diseased part in sand and treat the disease by the comprehensive action of sunlight, dry heat, pressure and magnetic force (the sand in Sand Treatment Scenic Resort is 9 times higher than the magnetic ore in foreign sand). It is said to have an effective rate of over 90% for treating rheumatic arthritis, chronic lumbago and leg pain, etc.

16 kilometers northwest of Turpan City, there are two large black and gray sand dunes, which are ideal sand treatment places. The local ground temperature is high. Black and gray sand dunes have high heat, and the sand is rich in minerals. When the sand is buried, the sand particles have friction on the body. Therefore, experts believe that this is a comprehensive therapy integrating heat therapy, magnetic therapy and massage.

The sand treatment site is an aeolian fixed sand dune, about 200 meters long, 60-80 meters wide and 8-10 meters high. According to many years of meteorological data, from June 5 to August 20 every year, Turpan is hot and dry. When the daytime temperature is as high as 38-42 degrees, the surface sand temperature is as high as 75-82 degrees. After 5 o’clock Beijing time every day, the sand temperature at a depth of 10 meters is still between 60 and 80 degrees.

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Best Time to Travel Sand Therapy Center

The best time to come to Sand Therapy Center is every autumn, that is, August and September.

At this time, the weather began to cool and the fruits began to mature. This is a very suitable time to travel. At this time, most scenic spots began to hang attractive gold. Let’s travel in the golden ocean. The natural scenery around Sand Therapy Center is very beautiful. In our spare time, we take our family to play in Sand Therapy Center, eat delicious fruits and enjoy different local conditions and customs. I believe this is a very beautiful moment and a very happy memory.

How to Get There

  • By bus

You can take No.3 bus to get there

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY 10
Recommended Time for a Visit: From June to August


  • Those with any acute inflammation, tumor or hemorrhagic disease are forbidden to have sand therapy.
  • Sand temperature below 48 C (118 F) is best.
  • Bring sun-block cream (SPF 50+) to avoid sun burn.

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