Turpan Festivals and Events

The Silk Road Grape Festival in Turpan

Time: Every late August
During the festival, sorts of rich and colorful cultural activities would be held, such as special evening parties, ethinic dance, the night of summer, fine wine tasting, streets of flavor snacks, streets with science, technology and business features, and streets offering a variety of fruits.

Corban Festival

Time: December 10th of the Islamic calendar
It is a Muslim festival. In the early morning of the festival, Muslims bathe and then wear neat and formal clothes to go to the mosque to attend their ceremonies. Whether in the cities or the countryside squire, grand Meshrep dancing shows are held. Colorful and wonderful decoration is made during the event. And there are all kinds of snacks as well. Except the Muslims, other nationalities like the Kazak, Kirgiz, Tajik, Uzbek all have their own activities to celebrate, such as horse racing, wrestling, and other game activities.