Turpan Dining

There are several local food that visitors are recommended to eat in their visiting in Turpan, such as lamb rice pilaf, nang (a kind of crusty pancake), roasted mutton leg, grapes, Xinjiang lamb pilaf hand, noodles served with soy sauce, etc. Here is some further information about Turpan food that you could taste during your traveling there.

What to Eat in Turpan 

  • Roasted Mutton Leg: The dish could be traced to the period of Jenghiz Khan. It has been improved and becomes an important dish in restaurants.
  • Xinjiang Lamb Pilaf Hand (新疆羊肉手抓饭): It is one of the favor foods of Uyghur and Uzbek people and has a long history. The main ingredients of it are rice, lamb chop, carrots, and onions. It has lots of categories as well.
  • Noodles Served with Soy Sauce (新疆拌面):It is a kind of round noodles that requires a lot of skills while making. The salt is used while making.
  • Nang  (馕): As one of the staple foods of the local, nang is a kind of cake taking wheat as ingredients and adding with other food like eggs, milk, onions, etc.
  • Shish Kebab (烤羊肉串): Shish kebab is known nationwide. It is a popular choice for barbecue. The most authentic shish kebab can be eaten in Xinjiang.
  • Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (新疆大盘鸡): The dish got its name because of big plate using. There are 2 kind of big plate chicken: Shawan Big Plate Chicken and Chaiwobao Big Plate Chicken. The former has thick juice and is eaten with staple food, and the later one is fried and then stir-fried with pod pepper. It belongs to Moslem snacks.
  • Grapes: The famous Grape Valley which gathers hundreds of kinds of grapes is located in Turpan. With the advantage of climate, the grapes there are with high-quality.

Where to Eat in Turpan

Here are some recommended places you could eat authentic and delicious local food.

Hai’erbage Restaurant (海尔巴格)

It is situated at the intersection of the Wenhua East Road and Laoshahezi Road. It provides authentic local food like shish kebab, noodles served with soy sauce, etc.

AileKaimumeishi Restaurant (艾力开木美食)

It lies in Xiangyun Residential Quarter of Bozikelike Road (柏孜克里克路). It is a typical uyghur restaurant where you could taste shish kebab, Xinjiang lamb pilaf hand, Xinjiang big plate chicken, etc.

Mubalake Canteen (穆巴拉克餐厅)

It lies on the Lvzhou West Road and near to the Lvzhou Hotel. You could eat many local dishes and snacks there.

Sulaimanbanmianwang Restaurant (苏来曼拌面王)

It lies on No.365 Laocheng East Road. The restaurant is quite welcomed by local people. The first specialty of the restaurant is its noodles served with soy sauce.

Grape Valley May Flower Grape Manor (葡萄沟五月花葡萄庄园)

It is across from the Wang Luobin Memorial Hall and is 6.8 miles away from the Grape Valley. It offers traditional Uyghur food which keeps original flavors but without the greasiness of conventional dishes. It offers good environment which you could see grapes when you look up during your eating.

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