Turpan Climate

Turpan Climate

The annual average temperature of Turpan city is 14℃. In summer, the mean temperature reaches 30℃. There are averagely 99 days which has the temperature above 35℃ and 28 days which is over 40℃.

Here are the characteristics of Turpan climate change of the four seasons. Spring is short, with the average length of 61 days, and it comes early and gets warm fast. Summer is long, with the average length of 152 days, and hot and high-temperature days. However, the high heat and dryness of the summer, when combined with the area's ancient system of irrigation, favors the countryside around Turpan to produce great quantities of high-quality fruit. Autumn is much shorter, with the average length of 57 days and the shortness of cooling. Winter stays about 95 days, with mild wind and little snowfall, sunny weather and short cold period. In the whole year, January is the coldest and July is the hottest month.

With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 48% in December to 75% in September, sunshine is abundant and Turpan receives 2,912 hours of bright sunshine annually.

The Best Time to Visit Turpan

The period from August to November is the best time to visit Turpan because it is well-known for the high-quality fruit there. So visitors could taste fine fruit in autumn time. Also, the hottest month, July, has been passed and the coldest time, January, hasn’t come, so months from August to November are recommended time to travel there.


Every year in March and April, the Turpan appears with , with low visibility. The normal traffic might be affected.

In summer, the temperature there could be beyond 40℃, and the ultraviolet ray is quiet strong so that you need to prepare some sunscreen products. Meanwhile, you should also pay attention to sunstroke.

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