Turpan Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • City Code: 0995
  • Zip code: 838000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Turpan Administration: 0995-8523653
  • Turpan Train Information Office: 0995-7565222
  • Emergency Center: 0991-2833000
  • Tourist Complaint: 0995-8523216
  • City Hospital Emergency Room: 0995-8522681

Post Offices

  • Grape Branch Post Office: near to the Association of Embroidery, Grape Town
  • Grape Valley Post Office: inside the Grape Valley Scenic Spot
  • Aydingkol Lake Branch Post Office: Aidin Town
  • Shanshan County Post Office: No.2598 Xincheng Road
  • Railway Station Post Office: Wuyi Road, Jinqiao Community


The Bank of China provides foreign exchange service.
Bank of China Turpan Branch
Address: No.18, Laocheng Road

Customs and Taboos

When traveling in Turpan, you should pay attention to Muslim customs and taboos in particular.

Do not poke the food in dishes or get close to the kitchen in Uyghur family.

Never eat pork or talk about pigs when you are with Muslims.

Do not wear clothes that is short and too revealing.

When receiving something, you had better use both of your hands to show your thanks and respect to the host in local people's home.


Turpan fruit has high quality so eating fruit is a must-do thing, but please do not eat hot tea as soon as your eating of fruit in case of causing diarrhea.

Security Check

Security check there is very strict. At the airport, all pockets are required to check. You may be asked to take off the shoes and then your feet are needed to be scanned. There would be secondary security check at the boarding channels.


The knife of Xinjiang handcrafts is not allowed to take to the plane or train, so when choosing souvenirs you had better think about security check.

In some parts of the sparsely populated areas, accommodation is not very convenient. If you have plan to those places, you had better drive your cars or take tents with you.