Turpan Shopping

In Turpan traveling, the must-buy gift for many visitors must be grapes because there are more than 600 categories of grapes in Turpan. Large temperature differences contribute to the fruit here so other fruit is food choices as well. In addition, stuffs with local characteristics like Turpan tapestry, colorful caps, Palazi (a kind of knitting carpet), etc. Here is some stuff that you could purchase in Turpan shopping.

What to Buy in Turpan 


The most famous fruit in Turpan is grapes, and there are over 600 categories of grapes in Turpan. The raisins there have the highest quality and most categories. Also, raisins are much convenient than fresh grapes for visitors to take with.

Hami Melon

When it comes to Turpan, Hami melon will appear in most people’s mind. Turpan provides large differences of temperature between day and night so the Hami melons there are quite sweet.


Turpan tapestry is well-known both at home and abroad, enjoying high reputation in the international community. Its blanket surface is smooth and burnish, with solid soft brightness. It has thick local color tapestry patterns and is unique among international tapestries industry.

Pa La Zi (a kind of knitting carpet)

It is a kind of traditional craftworks of Uygur. Pa La Zi is crafted by using colorful wool to knit a variety of geometric figures. It can be used as a rug, blanket, or even as a decorative wall hanging. At times, local people wrap the carpet on the back of their horses or camels so as to use the carpet as a riding blanket.

Bergamot Pears 

Bergamot pear is the top grade of all kinds of pears in Xinjiang, with the features of thick aromatic flavor, thin skin pericarp, exquisite meat quality, succulence and sweetness. The pear planting there has more than 1,500 years of history.

Nang (馕)

Nang in Xinjiang has a long history, and it is a main staple food there. It has golden yellow skin. In the ancient time, it is called "Hu Bing" (胡饼) or “Lubing”. Its main principal raw material is flour. Nang has round shape. The biggest one is called “Aimanke”, with 40 to 50-centimeter diameter. An “Aimanke” usually needs 1-2 kg of flour, known as the king of nang.The smallest ones often have the size as a general cup mouth, named as “Tuokaxi”, with 1-centimeter thickness. There are also other sizes of nang. Different categories have their own decorative design.

Where to Buy in Turpan

Turpan Department Store

It lies in north of the intersection of Laocheng West Road and Gaochang Central Road. And it is a famous commercial shopping center in Turpan which is the main place for local people shopping. There are lined with many shops nearby. Visitors could buy ethnic characteristics of clothes, shoes and hats as souvenirs conveniently.

Culture Square Night Market

It is situated in west of Culture Square. The night market mainly offers all sorts of local snacks and dishes. It is a good place to taste local food.

Turpan Old Town Traditional Agri-product Market

It is located in south of Laocheng Road in Turpan downtown, and is one of the largest commercial and Turpan area of agricultural and sideline products trading market. Also, it is one of the top ten markets in Xinjiang, providing local specialties and ethnic products. It is an ideal of tourists shopping destination.

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