Turpan Culture

Customs and events show the culture of one place. Turpan culture part provides you some local activities and folk customs to give you further information of Turpan culture.

Grape Festival

On June 9, 1990, Turpan Grape Festival organizing committee, at the autonomous prefectural people's hall, held the first press conference that decided to hold Turpan Grape Festival of the China Silk Road since August 20, 1990. Then, the festival was kept being held and it offers good opportunities for visitors to enjoy and know more about grape culture in Turpan.


Turpan mukam, known as one of the oldest sources of twelve mukam in Xinjiang, is circulated within the territory of central region at Lükqün (鲁克沁) of Shanshan County. Historically, Lükqün (鲁克沁) is the political, economic and cultural center of Turpan city. The song, Turpan Mukam which is made of classical poetry and folk songs, was developed and spread from there. Turpan Mukam is the wonder of Turpan local ancient and traditional art work, and it has been collected and published. And it won the national award.

Customs and Taboos

Turpan ethnic people majorly believe in Islam so that they do not eat pork, lard and everything made of pork and lard. Also, they do not eat animal that had been butchered without praying, and the meat of the dead livestock and poultry. Then, they also do not eat the blood of any animal and the meat of cat, dog, donkey and mule. In addition, they are not allowed to literally throw food. Last but not least, no spitting, fart, blowing your nose, yawning while eating and talking.