Qiyun Mountain in Huangshan

Why is Qiyun Mountain So Special?

Mt.Qiyun was once one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China. Mount Qiyun, Mount Huangshan and Mount Jiuhua are regarded as the  three famous mountains in southern Anhui. Now Mt.Qiyun has been listed as a national key scenic area. Noted for its numerous inscriptions and tablets, as well as monasteries and temples, the highest point of the mountain rises to 585 meters. 

Where is Qiyun Mountain

Mount Qiyun, is a mountain and national park located in Xiuning County in Anhui Province, China. It lies some 33 kilometres (21 mi) to the west of Huangshan City .

How to Get to Qiyun Mountain

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Bus: Starting from Huangshan Bus Ststion, take the bus directly to Qiyunshan.

Main Attractions in Qiyun Mountain


Through Chinese history, Chinese poets and writers including Li Bai, Tang Yin and Yu Dafu have visited Mount Qiyun either to compose poetry or to leave an inscription.  537 inscriptions and stone tablets can be find in the mountain.

Caves of Fairies and Immortals

There are many caves under the cliffs. These caves are used to enshrine various statutes of immortals, including the Eight-Immortal Cave, the Yuantong Cave, the Arhat Cave, the Yujun Cave and the Wenchang Cave. The scenic spot of these caves is one of the most important parts of scenic spots of Qiyun Mountain. The statutes of Taoist eight immortals are enshrined in the Eight-Immortal Cave. 

Useful Travel Tips

  1. People under 6 and over 70 are free for ticket.
  2. In spring, the canola season (late Feb. to Apr.), you could enjoy canola Eight Diagrams on the foot of the mountain from Souzi Cave.

Nearby Attractions

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