Top 10 Tea Gardens in Xiuning County, Huangshan

Xiuning County, known as the hometown of organic tea, boasts excellent tea quality and is renowned as a core production area in the “Golden Triangle” of Chinese green tea. Over the years, Xiuning County has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of its tea industry. By integrating modes such as “tourism+” and “ecology+”, it has organically combined tea production with tea garden sightseeing, tea culture, and local customs, promoting deep integration of tea, culture, and tourism.

At the 2024 Huangshan Tea Expo and Xiuning Organic Tea Culture Festival, Xiuning County showcased its top ten tea tourism destinations via video.

1. Hecheng Township – Youlong Tea Garden

Located in the “Number One Village of Organic Tea in China,” Youlong Tea Garden is surrounded by mountains with dense vegetation and pure water quality. The soil is fertile, and the history of tea cultivation spans over 1200 years. It is one of the first organic tea bases certified by international authorities and a core area for Xinyuan organic tea. The picturesque rural landscape and majestic mountains make it an ideal place for countryside leisure tourism.

2. Liukou Town – Mingzhou Tea Garden

Mingzhou Tea Garden is situated by the Lueshui River at the source of the Xin’an River. Surrounded by green mountains and bamboo, the village is adorned with green tea gardens and white walls with gray tiles. Mingzhou Tea has been certified organic by the European Union for over 20 years and is renowned as one of the “Four Famous Teas of Xiuning” historically.

3. Xikou Town – Taixi Tea Garden

Taixi Tea Garden is a model of “ecological sightseeing tea gardens.” The eco-friendly environment of Xikou provides good mountains and water to produce excellent tea. The undulating rows of tea bushes stretch to the mountaintop like waves, absorbing the fragrance of the earth in spring and accumulating the vitality of Xikou Town’s landscape.

4. Weiqiao Township – Shangyan Base Tea Garden

Shangyan Base Tea Garden is a demonstration tea garden for ecological, standardized, and suitable mechanized production in Huangshan City. It strictly follows ecological organic standards, employs green measures such as burying green fertilizers and planting osmanthus trees, effectively improving the tea’s growth environment, and significantly enhancing the quality of its products. It has received organic tea certifications from international and domestic organizations such as the European Union.

5. Qiyunshan Town – Qiliding Tea Garden

Qiliding Tea Garden boasts spectacular high-altitude terraced tea gardens, which are magnificent and picturesque. The orderly and beautiful lines of the terraces, surrounded by clouds and mist, are unique to Huizhou. The tea garden benefits from superior natural ecological conditions, rich in organic matter soil without pesticides.

6. Haiyang Town – Zhuangyuan Tea Garden

Zhuangyuan Tea Garden in Haiyang Town is nestled at the foot of the southern Yellow Mountains, by the Xiaxi River. Its hundred acres of green scenery are charming, filled with the fragrance of tea flowers. Visitors can experience tea picking and processing activities amidst the elegant setting of Huizhou-style architecture with pink walls and black tiles.

7. Lantian Town – Jinlongshan Tea Garden

Jinlongshan Tea Garden in Lantian Town exudes clouds and mist, with tea fragrance wafting between high mountain ancient villages. The waves of emerald green, layered against the sky, offer a taste of spring with buds like jade and an aroma akin to orchids. It’s a place where one can experience the essence of spring with every sip.

8. Wan’an Town – Songluo Mountain Tea Garden

Songluo Mountain in Wan’an Town is known for its beautiful legends and ancient tea gardens, where lofty peaks and pine and lichen intertwine. Amidst mist and stunning scenery, the fertile soil of Songluo Mountain nurtures the “Songluo variety” tea plants, renowned for producing excellent Songluo Tea. It’s hailed as one of China’s earliest famous teas and the progenitor of Huizhou green tea and the “origin of pan-frying.”

9. Shangshan Town – Yaoxi Tea Garden

Yaoxi Tea Garden in Shangshan Town showcases the charm of China’s leading town for exporting Meicha. The mountains are lush and concentrated, resembling a thick green carpet of spring. If a slight mist rises, it feels like being in a fairyland, adding a mystical atmosphere to Yaoxi Village.

10. Yucun Township – Baishuikou Tea Garden

Baishuikou Organic Tea Garden in Yucun Township opens the first page of Huikai Tea Road. With lush trees and blooming mountain flowers, waterfalls cascade, and mountain streams flow. The beautiful pristine scenery captivates visitors, leaving them immersed and reluctant to leave.

These top ten tea culture tourist bases in Xiuning County not only showcase the county’s premium tea but also offer rich experiences in tea culture. Visitors can witness tea planting, picking, and processing processes, and immerse themselves in the unique tea culture atmosphere of Huizhou.