Huangshan Travel Tips


The peak tourist season lasts from April to November. However, the winter season is considered a good time to view of white paradise.

View Point

• Sunrise: Refreshing Terrace, Shuguang Pavilion, Lion Peak, Jade Screen Pavilion, Bright Peak

• Sunset: Paiyun (Cloud Dispersing) Pavilion, Red Cloud Peak

• Cloud Sea: Jade Screen Pavilion, Refreshing Terrace, White Goose Ridge, Paiyun Pavilion, Bright Peak

• Snowscape: Jade Screen Pavilion, North Sea, Pine Valley, Cloud Valley, Hot Spring


Don't forget to enough warm clothes and waterproofs (an umbrella can be inconvenient when climbing or unusable in the wind). Bring warm clothes and wear comfortable shoes with a good grip.


The prices of food are around three times more expensive at the mountaintop hotels and shops. Food in hotels and restaurants is expensive, but the quality is often not as good as similarly priced dishes in the city. So we advise you to buy some convenient food at the foot of mountain.


Raincoat is useful when there happens wind and rain on the mountain. We advise you that don't  use an umbrella as it is inconvenient when the wind and rain is strong.

Watch your footing when climbing the steps and be careful when you are taking photos. Particularly watch your step because sometimes there is snow or ice on the ground. Please stop walking if you want to take pictures.

smoking is not allowed on the mountain, except in the smoking areas.

Please be far away the  monkeys on the mountain and  Don't give them food in front of them.


Tourists who have asthma, high blood pressure, heart problems or other health conditions should bring along enough medicine in case of emergency. We advise you that don't  travel alone because sometimes there is a unseen health risk.

There are hospitals in Huangshan CIty, 70 km (40 miles) from the foot of the mountains. If you have serious symptoms, the sedan chair service and cable cars to get down the mountain and to a hospital would give you a big help. There is no special medical center on the mountain, so don't forget to listen the voice of your body.


There is A Bank of China branch inside Yellow Mountain Scenic Area. We advise you to download Translation App in case bank staff cannot speak English. A cash point can be found at North Sea Hotel.


Huangshan City People's Hospital

Add: 4 Suli Street, Tunxi District

Tel: 0559-2513765

Huangshan District People's Hospital

Address: 19 Taiping West Road

Tel: 0559-8532572

Second People's Hospital of Huangshan City

Address: 72 Daizhen Road, Tunxi District

Tel: 0559-2512978

Useful Telephone Numbers

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Consumer Complaints: 12315

Tourist Complaints: 2517464

Local Telephone Number and Long-Distance Area Code Inquiries: 114

International City Code Inquiries: 116

Weather Forecast: 121

Zip Code Inquiries: 184
Huangshan Travel FAQs and Tips introduce the city and zip codes, post offices, useful numbers, hospitals, banks for foreign exchange, Government and famous universities. When plan your trip to Huangshan, view our answers to questions about Huangshan travel to get better understanding of Huangshan.