Huangshan Shopping

Huangshan Shopping

When it comes to Huangshan traveling, the most attractive thing is to buy something to memorize something about this wonder travel. So Don't forget shopping! Tunxi Ancient Street is the city’s most bustling commercial street, which you can find some handicrafts, like Hui Ink, She Inkstone, carved works, etc. Huangshan Maofeng Tea is a must-buy on the shopping list for a tea fans. Moreover, there are also lots kinds of local productions for you! Our guidance introduction below would lead you to a another place - Huangshan shopping heaven.

What to Buy

  • Huangshan is a heaven of natural and cultural resources.
  • Maofeng Tea: The top 10 green tea in China
  • Hui Ink: Hui Calligraphy ink
  • She Inkstick: Famous souvenir of traditional Chinesa Calligraphy
  • Houkui Tea: The top 10 green tea in China 
  • Qimen Black Tea: The famous green tea in China
  • Tunxi Green Tea: The renowned green tea of Tunxi


Hui Ink and She Inkstone

Hui Ink and She Inkstone refers to the traditional writing and painting tools of China, including ink brush, ink stick, paper and inkstone.

She County in Huangshan is famous for producing high quality Hui Ink and She Inkstone. The Calligraphy of Hui with Hui Ink can be preserved for thousands of years without fading out. She Inkstone also have a variety of shapes and the natural texture of the stone is also a attractive point. If you are interested in Chinese Calligraphy  culture, Hui Ink and She Inkstone will be good souvenirs to take back home.

Where to buy?

  • Huangshan Tea City

Address: No 1-35, West Hehua Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan

  • Tunxi Ancient Street:

Going to Tunxi Ancient Street from Huangshan Mountain would take you 1 hour. A number of the shops have been open for hundreds of years from the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Tunxi Ancient Street has one of China's best antique markets, and you can find antique shops, medicine shops, teahouses, restaurants and galleries here. Most of the shops carry the "Four Treasures of the Study", which are the Paintbrush, Inkstick, Inkstone, and Paper used by artists to create traditional Chinese paintings. Other traditional Chinese curios and handicrafts can be found on Tunxi Ancient Street, such as brush calligraphy, ink painting and woodcarvings. Tunxi Ancient Street is also renowned for its night market, strolling leisurely, walking around, and trying the traditional local snacks.

  • Huangshan Jiadeli Supermarket: 

Jiadeli Supermarket is located near Tunxi Ancient Street, which is normally included with any visit to the ancient street. Jiadeli Supermarket is the largest supermarket in Huangshan City, which is a huge selection of local snacks for visitors to take home with them.

  • Huangshan Tea City: 

Huangshan City is the largest center for tea trading in south Anhui Province. Huangshan is also the tea centra of China's tea ceremony and tea culture.  So Huangshan is the paradise for the people who are the tea fans. Though there are teas available in the Tunxi Ancient Street or super markets in Huangshan, the best place to buy Huangshan local tea would be in a Huangshan Tea Shop. Huangshan is famous for its tea planting and production. Huangshan Maofeng Tea grown in Huangshan is regarded as one of the top ten green-tea of China.

Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Huangshan has mid-range shopping malls, supermarkets,which can meets tourists needs, including general merchandise, like water, food, clothes, local specialties, etc.

  1. RT-Mart

Location: Building 7, Yuejin Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan

Opening Time: 9:00 - 22:00

     2. Jiadeli Supermarket

Location: No 4-1, Bainiaoting Road, Huangshan

Opening Time: 10:00 - 22:00

     3. Baida Shopping Center

Location: No 23, North Xin’an Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan

Opening Time: 9:00 - 22:00

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