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When it comes to Hui cuisine, can you ask the following question? What are the key words of Hui Cuisine? Color and Appearance! What is the major cooking technique? Braising!  

Special attention is paid to the color, and appearance of each dish. Generally Anhui Cuisine is slightly spicy and salty. The original source of Hui cuisine is from Shexian County, huangshan City. Hui cuisine is one of the Eight Major Cuisine of China. Cooking methods of Hui Cuisine are stewing and steaming, with soy sauce. The food materials are very strict and delicate. Hope the following post would give you a good suggestion.


Representative Dishes

  • Mandarin Fish (Chou Guiyu)(红烧臭鳜鱼): The Mandarin fish is from the Xin'an River. After salting, it is braised with soy sauce.
  • Steaming Shiji(黄山双石): Shiji is a kind of batrachia (frog or toad) living in mountain brooks. Cooked with a sauce of ham and fungi in the bamboo steamer. The taste is fresh, tender and refreshing.
  • Steamed Ham and Turtle(火腿炖甲鱼): It is big turtles sauced with ham, stewed in a terrine on a slow fire.
  • Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd(徽州毛豆腐): Odorous bean curd is a tough bean curd following fermenting, the surface of which is a layer of 'hair'. It is fried, braised in soy sauce, steamed and baked. Every style has its own features.
  • Hibiscus cake(芙蓉糕):Hibiscus cake's color and shape is like Hibiscus. It is rectangular, golden yellow. The taste is loose, soft, sweet and fragrant.
  • Green bean pocket(绿豆兜): Huizhou snacks.
  • Huizhou champion rice(徽州状元饭): Champion rice, also known as dates rice. It said that this dish is from the home of the first national champion Liu Ruozai
  • Fire roasted tofu (火焙豆腐): Fire roasted tofu is a special local dish from Tunxi District.
  •  Huizhou wrapped Zongzi - traditional Huizhou rice pudding (徽州裹粽): folk snacks of Huizhou. But its special flavors differs other types of Zongzi of China.

Recommended Restaurants

 Laojie Diyi Lou (The First on the Ancient Street)

Laojie Diyi Lou is one of the most popular restaurants featuring Traditional Hui dishes. The price is not high and the surroundings  are graceful and  and elegant. It is suggested that to book before dinning as there is always lot of people.

Laojie Diyi Lou Average cost per person: CNY60

Address: No. 247, Tunxi Ancient Street

 Tunxi Huicai Guan (Tunxi Hui cuisine Restaurant)

Average cost per person: CNY50

Address: Huangshan West Road, Tunxi district

 Shilin Grand Hotel

Shilin Grand Hotel offers not only traditional Hui style dishes, but also other styles flavors.

Address: North Sea Sight Spot

 Piyun Hui Fu Cai (Piyun Hui-Cuisine Restaurant)

You can find very original Hui dishes in Piyun Hui Fu Cai. The recommended food includes Griddle-Cooked String Beans and Cucumber with Sauce, Taibai Fish Head Soup, Five Spiced Donkey's Meat, Zhuangyuan Tofu in Casserole,  the mushroom soup is best worth trying.

Average cost per person: CNY100

Address: No.7-9 Binjiang Road East

 Hui Shang Gu Li 

Hui Shang Gu Li has very elegant decoration. You can enjoy traditional Anhui food here, including the dry bean curd, egg dumplings, dry bamboo shoot and salted preserved meat are quite tasty. It is located on the south side of the railway station and is about 64 kilometers from Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area.

Average cost per person:  - 

Address: Anhui Merchants' Hometown

Meishi Renjia

Meishi Renjia is a two-storey Hui-style building located at Ancient Street. It offers many local specialized foods and snacks. The attractive point is that the kitchen is all open to customers. You can enjoy the delicious dishes at the same time enjoying the chief’s wonder cooking skill.

Average cost per person: -

Address: Tunxi Ancient Street

Leigang Restaurant 

Leigang Restaurant is a Hui-style architecture,  surrounded by trees and bamboos. It has a long history dating back to 1131, which offers high quality and specialized local food.

Average cost per person: -

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