Huangshan Festivals and Events

Huangshan has quite a variety of festivals and events spread throughout the year, which range from the commercial, like the agricultural products fair to the traditional opera stage and Dragon Boat Race.  Almost any Huangshan Tour could be enhanced with an event or a festival with a little careful planning.

China Huangshan International Tourism Festival

Time: the second half of each year

locationHuangshan City

Festivals and activities: Huangshan scenery tour, Huangshan ancient residential tour, the Chinese historical and cultural city Juxian tour, Taoist Holy Land Qiyunshan trip, Taiping Lake - Qiandao Lake tour, as well as folk customs show in Huizhou, Huangshan calligraphy and painting exhibition, Huangshan Tourism Photography Exhibition, Anhui famous brand products, souvenir products and tourism exhibitions.

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Hui Yun (Hui Opera Stage)

Time: The first day of the fifth lunar month

Location: Tunxi

Hui Yun is a drama that directed by famous director named Duan Jianping performed at the XiangmingTheater, which is divided into 5 part, which are “four seasons in Huangshan" "Heaven and Earth" "Dream Huizhou" “Hui “Opera Team to Beijing" "Anhui style emblem charming". Based on the historical background of Huizhou culture history. The legends, folklore, stories and other art forms are vividly reproduced by the artist style.


Dragon Boat Race

Time: Dragon Boat Festival

Location:  Tunxi

It is a folk entertainment activities. Dragon Boat Festival is held every year  along the river, especially in race dragon boat rallies. Dragon Boat are used to be civilian boats and its front and rear are mounted dragon tail, the middle of the jump from the security and made. Before the dragon boat race held diving competition, commonly known as “drift”. After noon, all the people would focuse on diving under the Tunxi Bridge, followed by a dragon boat race. At that time flags fluttering, the audience gathered in a warm atmosphere.


Chongyang Temple Fair

Time: the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, 3 days

Location: near the Tunxi Town

On this day, people would bring various agricultural, sideline products and handicrafts products for trading. During the temple fair, you can enjoy stage singing, singing from the sunset to the sunrise, all night. After the founding of the PRC, the temple fair became an authentic fair for agricultural and sideline products and handicrafts.
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