Huangshan Climate

Huangshan City is located in the subtropics area.  May to August is the rain season; average annual temperature ranges from 15C (59F)-16C (60.8F). In the winter, most areas are free of severe winter cold.

From April to June, Mt. Huangshan is rainy and cloudy. The height of Huangshan makes it avoid hot in summer. The average temperature of winter is above 0C (32F).

In April the average temperature on Mt. Huangshan is 10C (50F). Flowers and trees begin to bloom and refresh. Spring is the best seasons to visit Mt. Huangshan, because the warm and humid air that is from southern areas leads Mountain Huangshan into a comfortable round.  In summer, most areas in China are into the sever hot season, while the Bright Summit Peak and Jade Screen Tower of Mt. Huangshan would still cool.  After a summer rainstorm, Mt. Huangshan becomes season of water and rainbows above a sea of clouds. In the fall, the average temperature is 12.9C (55.22F) in September and 11.7C (53.06F) in October. It is said that the winter landscapes of Mt. Huangshan as the most spectacular. Winter, the longest of the four seasons, is chilly without being severe.

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