The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao (Baogongci) in Kaifeng

Why is Memorial Temple of Lord Bao So Special?

Lord Bao was a well-known incorruptible and upright official in the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127), who was famous for his fairness in lawsuits. The people of Kaifeng built the memorial temple to commemorate the contribution he made to the country.

Where is Memorial Temple of Lord Bao?

The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao (Baogongci) in Kaifeng(开封市包公祠), located on the bank of the Baogong Lake, this ancient building complex, which contains seven courtyards and many halls, looks solemn and vivacious. Memorial Temple of Lord Bao is located at about 4 km from Kaifeng Railway Station.

How to Get There?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

Bus Route:NO.8, 10, 16, 20 will take to the temple.

Main Attractions in Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

Dadian Palace

Dadian Palace contains a sitting figure of Lord Bao in the center. This figure, over three meters (approximately 10 feet) tall, wears official robes and solemnly sits up straight in his chair. On the figure’s two sides some calixes, bowls, wooden buckets, an ink slab, and some other artifacts are displayed, which were unearthed from Lord Bao’s tomb. On the wall, you can see colored murals with dragon and phoenix patterns around the fringe to demonstrate Lord Bao’s achievements in his post. 

Erdian Palace

Together with Dadian Palace, Erdian Palace is the main palace of the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, where there are statues of Lord Bao. You can go to Dadian Palace to show respect and pray, while scenes of the work of Lord Bao are shown in Erdian Palace. Erdian Palace exhibits one of Lord Bao’s poets written when his political career started, Memorial Monument of Kaifeng Government, Bao Family’s Rules by Lord Bao, Lord Bao’s Calligraphy, Lord Bao’s Epitaph, etc.

Useful Travel Tips:

 You can get to the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao by bus No.8, 10, 16 or 20 from the Kaifeng Railway Station.

If for no other reason, come to Kaifeng to see the chrysanthemums and to appreciate this city’s ancient flavor. The famous Chrysanthemum Exhibition is held in Kaifeng every year from October to November. This exhibition has been held for twenty-three consecutive years. As the main venue for the exhibition, the Dragon Pavilion will become a sea of colorful chrysanthemums, and the city of Kaifeng looks its very best.

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