Kaifeng Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Kaifeng, here are some useful Kaifeng travel tips, which may be helpful for your Kaifeng tour. When plan your trip to Kaifeng, view our answers to questions about Kaifeng travel to get a better understanding of Kaifeng.

Useful Numbers

Emergency numbers are for reference in case there is an emergency. Here below are some useful telephone numbers in Kaifeng, for you to have a convenient Kaifeng tour.

China International country code number 0086
Area Code 0371
Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Police 110
Weather Report 112
Traffic Accidents 122
Time Check 117
Post Code Check 184
Post Customer Center 11185
Kaifeng Tourism Bureau 0371-23876171/0371-23898363
Tourist Complaints 0371-23972220
Kaifeng Cultural Relic Bureau 0371-23790768
Kaifeng Public Security Bureau 0371-25951589
Kaifeng Meteorological Bureau 0371-23669735
Tourist Hotline 12301

Best Time to Visit Kaifeng

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to October) are the best seasons to visit Kaifeng, because it is neither too hot nor too cold during this period. The climate in Kaifeng is comfortable in autumn, and Chrysanthemum is in bloom. There is also a chrysanthemum fair in mid-October. Before and after Qingming Festival, Kaifeng will hold a "Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Festival", at which time there will be a large-scale parade of Song costumes, which is very attracting.

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What to Pack for Kaifeng Travel

Kaifeng has four distinct seasons. The lowest temperature in winter is below zero. There is a large temperature difference between morning and evening before and after Qingming Festival. It is recommended to wear fleece jacket. In December when the winter comes, woolen sweaters and warm clothes should be worn. For people who are afraid of cold after snowing, it is recommended to wear down jackets. If you travel in summer, it is suggested that you prepare sunscreen, sunglasses and other sunscreen products to protect yourself from strong ultraviolet rays. In addition, it rains a lot in summer, remember to take an umbrella. 

Other Tips

Kaifeng Food

Kaifeng's food culture has a long history, and Kaifeng's food is also very famous. Henan cuisine, one of China's top ten cuisines, originated from here. Kaifeng, known as the cradle of Henan cuisine, is characterized by flour food and is widely eaten by local people. Famous Henan dishes include Small Steamed Bun, Tong Zi Ji, Almond Tea, Li Yu Pei Mian, Tao Si Bao, Fried Bean Jelly, Dried Rabbit Meat with Five Spices, Kaifeng Mutton Soup, etc. 

Where to Stay in Kaifeng

There are many hotels, guest houses and inns in Kaifeng. Some are near tourist attractions, some are in the city center and some near railway stations or bus stations. The hotels in Kaifeng are mainly concentrated in Gulou District and Jinmin Square area. The famous ones include Pullman Kaifeng JianyeNew Century Grand Hotel Kaifeng and New Century Grand Hotel Kaifeng.

Kaifeng Transportation

Kaifeng has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation, and direct trains and buses to and from Beijing, Zhengzhou and Luoyang are available in Kaifeng. There is no airport in Kaifeng City. Of all the airports in Henan Province, the nearest one is Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, 70 kilometers away from Kaifeng City. If you wanna take plane, you need to fly to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport first, and then take the intercity bus or intercity train from the airport to Kaifeng. For internal transportation, bus is one of the main modes of transportation in the Kaifeng city. Besides, taxi and rickshaw are easily available. 

Kaifeng Shopping

When traveling in Kaifeng, you can bring some local specialties to your relatives and friends. For example, the ancient palace food- peanut cake, which originated in the Song Dynasty and has a history of 600 years, as well as the fried peanuts, Bianliang watermelons and Qixian pickles, etc., are all good choices. In addition, Kaifeng owns Kaifeng Bian Embroidery, which is known as national treasure, mandarin porcelain, which is one of China's five famous porcelains, and Zhuxian Town Wood-block New Year Picture, which is one of China's four major New Year pictures, and other folk handicrafts.

Things to Do in Kaifeng

October-November is a good season for chrysanthemum appreciation in Kaifeng. Generally in mid-October, there will be a chrysanthemum fair in Kaifeng. For the best tourist season, we recommend September and October, during which the weather is the most pleasant and the city welcomes her most beautiful activity- chrysanthemum fair. During the fair, colorful chrysanthemums are placed in the streets. In addition, the main scenic spots in Kaifeng are Millennium City ParkDragon Pavilion ParkIron Pagoda ParkXiangguo TempleBaogong Memorial Hall and Yuwangtai. 

Consumption Level

Kaifeng's consumption level is not high, and transportation, accommodation and catering costs are also very low. Kaifeng has many snacks, most of which are not expensive. To eat in a smaller restaurant, usually 10-20 yuan can be done.

Banks in Kaifeng

Cash machines are quite common in Kaifeng, and there's no need to worry about finding a bank.

  • Bank of China(中国银行)
    Address: Intersection of The Third Avenue and Jin'an Road, Longting District Development Zone, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区开发区新区三大街与晋安路交叉
    Tel: 0371-25587628
  • Bank of China(中国银行)
    Address: No.59, South Section of Zongshan Road, Yuwangtai District, Kaifeng开封市禹王台区中山路南段59号
    Tel: 0371-25587788
  • Bank of China(中国银行)
    Address: Jinming Avenue, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区金明大道
    Tel: 0371-25587501
  • Bank of China(中国银行)
    Address: South Section of West Ring Road, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区西环路南段
    Tel: 0371-25587612
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(中国工商银行)
    Address: No.88, Dingjiao Street, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区丁角街88号
    Tel: 0371-23960765/95588
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(中国工商银行)
    Address: No.16, Gulou Street, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区鼓楼街16号
    Tel: 0371-25995118/0371-25967414/17637828781
  • China Construction Bank(中国建设银行)
    Address: No.33, Middle Section of Zhongshan Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区中山路中段33号
    Tel: 0371-23156009
  • China Construction Bank(中国建设银行)
    Address: No.24, Sihou Street, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区寺后街24号
    Tel: 0371-25953879

Hospitals in Kaifeng

  • Huaihe Hospital of Henan University(河南大学淮河医院)
    Address: No.8, Baogonghu North Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区包公湖北路8号
    Tel: 0371-23906666/0371-23999999/0371-23906000
  • The No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Henan University(河南大学第一附属医院)
    Address: No.357, Ximen Avenue, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区西门大街357号
    Tel: 0371-25959120/0371-23822222/0371-22736900
  • The No.5 People's Hospital of Kaifeng City(开封市第五人民医院)
    Address: Huaxia Avenue, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区华夏大道
    Tel: 0371-23921052/0371-23931052
  • Kaifeng Hospital Affiliated to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(河南中医药大学附属开封医院)
    Address: No.54, Caomen Avenue, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区曹门大街54号
  • Kaifeng City Central Hospital(开封市中心医院)
    Address: No.85, Hedao Street, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区河道街85号
    Tel: 0371-25671288/0371-25952537
  • The No.2 Kaifeng Hospital of Chinese Traditional Medicine(开封市第二中医院)
    Address: No.156, Wansheng Road, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区万胜路156号
    Tel: 0371-22715262/0371-22725120

Expresses and Post Offices in Kaifeng

The postal code in Kaifeng is 475000. Kaifeng city owns many post offices and express services, so sending postcards and parcels is very convenient. The postage for sending postcards is usually 0.8 yuan per sheet. 

  • China Post(中国邮政)
    Address: No.25, West Section of Ziyou Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区自由路西段25号
  • China Post(中国邮政)
    Address: No.1, North Section of Zhongshan Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区中山路北段1号
  • China Post(中国邮政)
    Address: No.109, Xinsong Road, Shunhe Hui District, Kaifeng开封市顺河回族区新宋路109号
  • China Post(中国邮政)
    Address: No.81, Zhengbian Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区郑汴路81号
    Tel: 13937829006
  • China Post(中国邮政)
    Address: No.251, Kaixiang Street, Xiangfu District, Kaifeng开封市祥符区开祥街251号
    Tel: 11183
  • SF Express(顺丰速运)
    Address: Zhengbian Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区郑汴路
    Tel: 95338
  • SF Express(顺丰速运)
    Address: Intersection of Dongjing Avenue and West Ring Road, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区东京大道和西环路交汇处
    Tel: 95338
  • Yunda Express(韵达快递)
    Address: No.5-35, Nanjing Lane, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区南京巷5附35号
    Tel: 95546
  • Yunda Express(韵达快递)
    Address: Wuyi Road, Longting District, Kaifeng开封市龙亭区武夷路
    Tel: 95546
  • ZTO Express(中通快递)
    Address: No.22, Inner Ring South Road, Gulou District, Kaifeng开封市鼓楼区内环南路22号
    Tel: 95311

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