Kaifeng Tours

Kaifeng Tours mainly lists some tour packages of Kaifeng for your Henan Travel. Our Kaifeng tours are usually involved with historical and cultural relics in Kaifeng, and are connected with other tourist destinations in Henan, like Zhengzhou, Anyang, Luoyang and Dengfeng. The scenic spots in Kaifeng are relatively concentrated, mainly distributed in Longting District. It is recommended to visit Kaifeng for 1-2 days. Millennium City ParkDragon Pavilion ParkSong Dynasty Imperial StreetIron Pagoda Park, Yuwangtai Park, Kaifeng PrefectureDaxiangguo Temple and other countless cultural relics and historic sites are precious assets left behind by Kaifeng's splendid history. Kaifeng is famous for its history, so tours to Kaifeng are mainly culture tours. 

Best Kaifeng Tours

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