Yushu Overview

Chinese Name: 玉树州 English IPA: /yu:ʃu:/ Location: Southwest of Qinghai Province Population (city): 409,500 Language: Tibetan Kang dialect Zip code: 815000 Tel code: 0976 Time zone: UTC+8

Yushu has unique plateau natural landscapes, Yushu singing and dancing, Princess Wencheng Temple and Buddhism temples of many sects. Yushu also boasts three national nature reserves including Hoh Xil, Sanjiangyuan and Longbaotan. There are more than 40 scenic spots for sightseeing. The folk custom in Yushu has unique charm; here has grand Yushu Horse Racing Festival.


  • National Nature Reserves: Yushu has mainly three national nature reserves, namely Longbaotan National Nature Reserve, Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve and Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, which are worth visiting.
  • Ethnic Culture: There are rich ethnic festivals, ethnic song and dance and ethnic costumes in Yushu, including Horse Racing Festival, Kangba Culture and Arts Festival and Amdo Tibetan Opera, etc.
  • Tibetan Food: The dietary customs of Yushu not only have the characteristics of high nutrition, high calories and medicinal properties, but also have certain local characteristics in the preparation of meals.

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Yushu Attractions

Yushu is abundant in rich and colorful tourism resources. Before starting your trip, figuring out Yushu attractions will make this trip glad and go well. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Hoh Xil (可可西里), which means "blue mountain ridge" in Mongolian. You can also visit Princess Wencheng Temple (文成公主庙), Jiegu Temple (结古寺), Tongtian River (通天河), etc. Keep Reading Qinghai Attractions Haibei Attractions Hainan Attractions Golog Attractions [...]

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Yushu Tours

There is a 4-day-tour in Yushu, which can lead you visit Wencheng Pricess Temple, Jiegu Temple, Longbaotan National Nature Reserve, Tangfan Passageway(唐蕃古道), Bayankala Mountain(巴颜喀拉山), etc. The other 6-day-tour will lead you to visit Jiegu Temple, Longbaotan and Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, Hoh Xil, etc. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Yushu climate belongs to the typical plateau alpine climate. Annual average temperature is 2.9 ℃, average temperature of January is minus 7.5 ℃, and average temperature of July is 12.5 ℃. Annual precipitation is 487 mm. The average temperature in spring in Yushu is -7℃ ~ 8℃. During the day, it is recommended to wear suits, windbreakers, casual wear, jackets, thin sweaters and other warm clothes. The average temperature at night is -7℃, it is recommended to wear cotton-padded [...]

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The eastern part of Yushu is served by the China National Highway 214 and Yushu Batang Airport. The far western part of the prefecture is crossed by China National Highway 109 and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Planes and long-distance buses are available to get there, and buses, taxies and chartered cars are available to get around in Yushu.  How to Get & Leave There By Plane At present, Yushu has only one airport, namely Yushu Airport, which locates in [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Besides Chinese traditional festivals, Yushu reserves a variety of famous festivals of its own which spread throughout the year showcasing the very characteristic features of Yushu. Here introduce you some festivals in Yushu. Horse Racing Festival (赛马节) Celebrated on July 25, Horse Racing Festival is the largest Tibetan festival in Qinghai. Yushu people are inseparable from horse racing in offering mountain worship, welcome guests, and wedding. On that day, the Tibetan people will wear bright national costumes and put their tents all [...]

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Travel Tips

Useful Numbers Police: 110 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Traffic accident alarm: 122 Yushu Tourism Bureau: 0976-8822521 Area Code: 0976 Weather Forecast: 12121 Check Telephone Number: 114 Expressway Emergency Rescue: 12122 Consumer Complaints Hotline: 12315 Post Offices Zip Code: 815000 Jiegu Street Post Office (结古大道邮政支局): No.8, Gesaduran Alley, Yushu City (玉树市格萨都然巷8号) Qionglong Road Post Office (琼龙路邮政支局): No.70, Wangbutong Alley, Qionglong Road, Yushu City (玉树市琼龙路旺布通巷70号) Zhaxi Road Post Office (扎西路邮政支局): No. 9, Zhaxi Road, Chengwen Town, Chindu County(称多县称文镇扎西路9号) Taboos and Tips Many places in Qinghai are inhabited by Muslims. Please be careful not to bring [...]

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Useful Maps

Our Yushu maps cover different types of useful maps including Yushu location Map, Qinghai Province Map, Yushu City Map, Yushu attractions map, Scenic Spots Around Yushu, and so on to help you better understand about Yushu city and plan your dreamlike Yushu tour. [...]

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Yushu Accommodation

It is quite convenient to find ideal hotels of your own favorite in Yushu, ranging from luxury and modern 5-star hotels 3-star hotels. Among Yushu hotels, you can choose to stay around scenic spots for the convenience of sightseeing, or stay around railway station and bus station for easy going out. Here we have picked some hotels to help you staying in Ysuhu with great comfort. Recommended 5-star Hotels: Gesar Palace Hotel Yushu(玉树格萨尔王府饭店) Address: Intersection of Minzhu Road and Zhumu Road [...]

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