Yushu Dining

Yushu dining part provides you some information about what to eat and where to eat during your Yushu visiting. Like other places in Tibetan areas, the dietary customs of Yushu not only have the characteristics of high nutrition, high calories and medicinal properties, but also have certain local characteristics in the preparation of meals. 

What to Eat in Yushu

1. Qinghai Paozhang Noodles (青海炮仗面)

The shape is like a firecracker. Noodles are strong and elastic, and auxiliary dishes are spicy and refreshing. It is northwest Muslim classic wheaten food.

2. Yushu Leiba (玉树肋巴)

Many tourists will be impressed by a special roast called Leiba. Mutton chops are cooked to medium, then brush with sauce and barbecued on charcoal. This is a kind of flavor skewers.

3. Buttered Tea (酥油茶)

Buttered tea is a special drink in Tibet. It is often eaten as a staple food with Zanba. It is processed with ghee and strong tea has the effect of keeping out the cold, refreshing the mind, producing fluid and quenching thirst.

4. Zanba (糌粑)

Zanba is made of highland barley which is washed, dried, fried then grinded into flour. Mix a small amount of buttered tea, milk residue and sugar evenly, and then knead into balls by hand when eating.

Where to Eat in Yushu

1. Lanzhou Lamian Shop (兰州拉面馆)

Address: Rilisi Road, Zadoi County (杂多县日历寺路附近)
Description: The service is warm, the environment is good, and the noodles are worth trying.

2. Shanglao Hotpot (尚捞火锅)

Address: No.82-22, Jiegu Street (结古大道82-22号)
Tel: 18709766151

3. 8082 Restaurant (八零八二餐饮店)

Address: No.6, West Lane, Zhaxiling (扎西岭西巷6号)
Tel: 0976-8818082

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