Yushu Transportation

The eastern part of Yushu is served by the China National Highway 214 and Yushu Batang Airport. The far western part of the prefecture is crossed by China National Highway 109 and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Planes and long-distance buses are available to get there, and buses, taxies and chartered cars are available to get around in Yushu. 

How to Get & Leave There

By Plane

At present, Yushu has only one airport, namely Yushu Airport, which locates in Batang Township, Yushu City. The airport is 26 kilometers away from the state capital Jiegu Town and operates flight service to some cities in China, like Beijing, Xining, Chengdu, etc.
Transportation from/to airport:
Airport Shuttle Bus:
There is just one airport shuttle bus line
Junfen District ——Bayi Hospital ——Xin Village
It may take you 30minutes to get to Yushu downtown from the airport, spending 50-80 Yuan.

By Long-distance Bus

  • Yushu Bus Station Location: National Highway 214, Yushu City Tel: 0976-882773

How to Get Around

By Bus

There are buses in Jieshi Town, but there are few routes and few places to reach. It costs 1 yuan per person.

By Taxi

It is convenient to take a taxi in Yushu and there are many minibuses.

Chartered Cars

About 30 yuan per person in the town. If you go to the nearby scenic spots, it costs about 200 yuan per day.