Yushu Accommodation

It is quite convenient to find ideal hotels of your own favorite in Yushu, ranging from luxury and modern 5-star hotels 3-star hotels. Among Yushu hotels, you can choose to stay around scenic spots for the convenience of sightseeing, or stay around railway station and bus station for easy going out. Here we have picked some hotels to help you staying in Ysuhu with great comfort.

Recommended 5-star Hotels:

  • Gesar Palace Hotel Yushu(玉树格萨尔王府饭店) Address: Intersection of Minzhu Road and Zhumu Road in Yushu City (玉树县民主路与珠姆路交汇处) Tel: 0976-8821999

Recommended 4-star Hotels:

  • Holiday Inn Taiyang Lake (玉树太阳湖假日酒店) Address: No.71, Rangetong South Alley, Hongwei Road, Yushu City (玉树县红卫路然格通南巷71号) Tel: 0976-5961376
  • Yushu Hotel (玉树宾馆) Address: No.6, Gesalakang Alley, Minzhu Road, Yushu City (玉树县民主路格萨拉康巷6号) Tel: 0976-8818888

Recommended 3-star Hotels

  • Labusi Hotel (拉布寺宾馆) Address: No.115, Shengli Road, Jiegu Street, Yushu City (玉树县结古大道胜利路115号) Tel: 0976-8827666
  • Aimahu Hotel (哎玛虎酒店) Address: No.6, Zhumu Road, Yushu City (玉树县珠姆路6号) Tel: 0976-8835333
  • Fanyu Dynasty Hotel (玉树蕃域王朝大酒店) Address: No.137, Xitongdoong Alley(西同东巷137号) Tel: 18897375550
  • Yushu Konggang Hotel (玉树空港酒店) Address: No.3, Shuangyongnan Alley, Jiegu Street, Jiegu Town(结古镇结古大道南段双拥南巷3号) Tel: 0976-7800777
  • Yushu Dasaier Hotel (玉树州达赛尔民族酒店) Address: No.284, Longqing Road, Yushu City(玉树县龙庆路284号) Tel: 0976-8816700
  • Yushu Nuobuling Hotel (玉树诺布岭酒店) Address: No.10, Zhaxiling Alley, Jiegu Town, Yushu City(玉树县结古镇扎西棱巷10号) Tel: 0976-8816666

Recommended 2-star and Economic Hotels

  • Yushu Sumang Hotel (玉树苏莽大酒店) Address: Beside the Love Bridge, Xinchengdong Road, Nangchen County (囊谦县新城东路爱情桥旁) Tel: 0976-7806888
  • Yushu Danzhou Hotel (玉树旦周宾馆) Address: Hongwei Road, Jiegu Town, Yushu City (玉树县结古镇红卫路) Tel: 15695361122
  • Nangchen Ake Hotel (囊谦阿客酒店) Address: No.24, Xiangdanan Road, Nangchen County (囊谦香达南路24号) Tel: 0976-8872228