Yushu Administrative Divisions

Yushu is the first ethnic autonomous prefecture in Qinghai province and the second in China. It has jurisdiction over 1 city and 5 counties.

Administrative Divisions


Population(2010 Census)

Seat of Government

Areas under the Jurisdiction

Yushu City(玉树市)



Jiegu Street(结古街道)

Jiegu Street(结古街道), Xihang Street(西杭街道), Zhaxike Street(扎西科街道), Xinzhai Street(新寨街道), Longbao Town(隆宝镇), Xialaxiu Town(下拉秀镇), Zhongda Township(仲达乡), Batang Township(巴塘乡), Xiaosumang Township (小苏莽乡), Shanglaxiu Township (上拉秀乡), Anchong Township (安冲乡)

Chindu County(称多县)



Chengwen Town (称文镇)

Chengwen Town (称文镇), Xiewu Town (歇武镇), Qingshuihe Town (清水河镇), Zhaduo Town (扎朵镇), Gaduo Township (尕朵乡), Labu Township (拉布乡), Zhenqin Township (珍秦乡)

Nangchen County(囊谦县)



Xiangda Town (香达镇)

Xiangda Town (香达镇), Niangla Township (娘拉乡), Maozhuang Township (毛庄乡), Juela Township (觉拉乡), Zhaoxiao Township (着晓乡), Dongba Township (东坝乡), Jinisai Township (吉尼赛乡), Qiezha Township (癿扎乡), Jiqu Township (吉曲乡), Gayang Township (尕羊乡)

Zadoi County(杂多县)



Sahuteng Town(萨呼腾镇)

Sahuteng Town(萨呼腾镇), Angsai Township (昂赛乡), Zhaqing Township (扎青乡), Aduo Township (阿多乡), Sulu Township (苏鲁乡), Jieduo Township (结多乡), Moyun Township (莫云乡), Chadan Township (查旦乡)

Zhidoi County(治多县)



Jiajiboluo Town(加吉博洛镇)

Duocai Township (多彩乡), Suojia Township (索加乡), Zhahe Township (扎河乡), Zhiqu Township (治渠乡), Dangjiang Township (当江乡), Lixin Township (立新乡)

Qumarlêb County(曲麻莱县)



Yuegai Town (约改镇)

Yuegai Town (约改镇), Qumahe Township (曲麻河乡), Yege Township (叶格乡), Maduo Township (麻多乡), Bagan Township (巴干乡), Qiuzhi Township (秋智乡)

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