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Baotou (Chinese: 包头市; pinyin: Bāotóu; Mongolian: Bugutu.svg Buɣutu qota, Mongolian cyrillic.Бугат хот) is the largest city by urban population in Inner Mongolia. Governed as a prefecture-level city, its built-up (or metro) area made up of 5 urban districts is home to 2,070,801 inhabitants with a total population of over 2.65 million accounting for counties under its jurisdiction.[3] The city’s Mongolian name means “place with deer”, and an alternate name is “Lucheng” (Chinese: 鹿城; pinyin: Lùchéng), meaning “Deer City”.

Baotou is located in the west of Inner Mongolia, located at the junction of two economic zones: the Bohai Economic Rim and the Upper Yellow River Natural Resources Enrichment Zone (黄河上游资源富集区). Its administrative area borders Mongolia’s Dornogovi Province to the north, while the Yellow River, which flows for 214 kilometres (133 mi) in the prefecture,[16] is south of the urban area itself. The Tumochuan Plateau (土默川平原), Hetao Plateau, and Yin Mountains cross the urban area and central part of the prefecture. Baotou City ranges in latitude from 41° 20′ to 42° 40′ N and in longitude from 109° 50′ to 111° 25′ E.

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Baotou Inner Mongolia weather shows you climate, temperature, weather forecast of Baotou and tells what's the best time to visit Baotou and do seasonal activities. [...]

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Baotou Transportation introduces you fights to Baotou, Baotou trains, Baotou business trip, sightseeing, Baotou bus, Baotou taxis and ways of getting around Baotou in Inner Mongolia. [...]

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