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Chinese Name: 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州 English IPA: /bɑ:jɪŋgəʊlɪn/ Location: Situated in southeast of Xinjiang, People's Republic of China Population (city): About 1,279,000 Language: Mongolian, Uygur language, Mandarin, etc. Zip code: 841000 Tel code: 0996 Time zone: UTC+8

Located in southeast of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Bayingolin is short for “Bazhou”. it is abundant in oil and gas resources as well as solar energy resources. The Bayanbulak Grassland in Hejing  county, with an area of 25,000 square kilometers, is China’s second largest grassland. Bayingolin enjoys diversify categories of tourism resources including desserts, prairies, lakes, mountains, rivers, basins, etc. There are lots of tourist attractions like Golden Beach, Bosten Lake, the Ancient City of Loulan, etc. It is a significant part in the ancient Silk Road.


  • Dessert Highway of Taklimakan Desert: It is the world’s longest highway that runs through the dessert and China’s first desert highway. The area is the center of the ancient silk road since ancient times. Now, it is one of the must-see tourist attractions for many visitors.
  • Bayanbulak Grassland: It is the second-largest grassland in China. The grassland covers diverse landscapes like the swan lake nature reserve, lakes, fountains, rivers, stone forests, waterfalls, hot springs, etc. The wriggling Kaidu River there gets the name of the “9 18 bends”.
  • Luntai County: It enjoys the world’ oldest, largest, most complete reserved Euphrates poplar forest reserve, the world’s second largest desert – the Taklimakan Desert, the world’s longest dessert highway, the China’s longest continental river as well as distinctive cultural sites and local customs.
  • Bosten Lake: As a national 5A tourist attraction, it is China’s largest inland freshwater Lake and is the eighth 5A-level tourist attraction in Xinjiang.

Other Destinations in Bayingolin

Bayingolin Attractions

Bayingolin Prefecture provides both splendid natural scenery and cultural sites. For 5A tourist attractions, you can visit Bayanbulak Grassland and Bosten Lake; for 4A-level ones, you could visit Luobu Village, Iron Gate Pass, Golden Beach Scenic Spot. Besides, there are lots of other tourist destinations that you could go, such as Taklimakan Desert, Bayanbulak Swan Lake, Tarim Poplar Forest Park, the Ancient City of Loulan, Dessert Highway, Tarim Basin, etc. Keep Reading Xinjiang Attractions [...]

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Bayingolin Tours

Bayingolin is blessed with diverse and distinctive tourist resources and in different tours, you could feel different culture and scenery. In northern Bayingolin tours of multi-culture, you can feel the folk customs, visitors can experience the east return culture, grassland culture, health care culture, customs culture, eco-culture, etc. In south, you could experience tours of adventure to Kunlun, Lop Nor, Altun Mountains,etc. Also, you could appreciate populus euphratica forest, visit Luobu villages, the Ancient City of Loulan. In central tours, [...]

Climate & When to Go

The five counties (cities) in south, namely Korla, Yuli, Luntai, Qiemo and Ruoqiang, belong to the warm temperate arid areas in eastern Tarim Basin. The advantages of the agricultural climate there are is abundant sunshine and heat. Winters and summers experience large temperature difference between day and night, with dry air and 175 to 200 days of free frost. The 4 counties in north, namely Yanqi, Hejing, Heshuo, Bohu and the two rivers -- Wulasitai River and Qingshui River, belong to [...]

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How to Get & Leave There By Plane Korla Airport Address: Yingbin Road, Korla city Tel: 0996-2364033 By Train There are 2 railway stations in Korla -- Korla North Railway Station (freight station) and Korla East Railway Station. Korla is the gateway of southern Xinjiang, and all trains to southern Xinjiang would pass Korla so that that are lots of trains each day. Besides, there is one train to Xi’an from Korla each day. Korla East Railway Station Address: Shenghuo Road, Korla city Tel: 0996-8642222 By [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Lesser Bairam It is the end of the month of Ramadan. Ramadan refers to the 9th month of the Muslim year when Muslims do not eat or drink between dawn and sunset. During the Ramadan, Muslims are required to restrain all desires and cut off all the evil thoughts to show their earnest beliefs to Allah. The atmosphere of Ramadan is solemn and majestic. Such a life lasts for a month. Corban Festival Time: December 10th of the Islamic calendar Activities: In the [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Numbers Bayingolin Tourism Bureau: 0996-2026030 Bayingolin People’s Hospital: 0996-2021856 Post Office Tuanjielu Post Office: No.49 Tuanjie Road Tel: 0996-2111627 Beizhan Post Office: Across from the Jinzhou Supermarket Tel: 0996-2222090 Hospital Bayingolin People’s Hospital Tel: 0996-2021856 Address: No.56 Renmin Road East, Korla city Matters Need Attention There are different desserts in Bayingolin so if you plan to visit dessert areas, you may need to prepare enough water. Do not visit to the deep desserts alone. There are large temperature differences between day and night, so make sure you [...]

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Useful Maps

In order to give you a better understanding of Bayingolin Prefecture, there are some Bayingolin maps that you could refer to. Our Bayingolin maps would cover different types of useful maps including Bayingolin location Map, Xinjiang Province Map, Bayingolin City Map, Bayingolin attractions map, Bayingolin transportation map, Scenic Spots Around Bayingolin, etc. to help you better understand about Bayingolin city and plan your Bayingolin tour. [...]

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Bayingolin Accommodation

Bayingolin prefecture provides you hotels of all levels there. If you want to stay in luxurious hotels, then the most luxurious hotels are gathering in Korla city where the government of Bayingolin government lies in. Korla city would offer you with much more choices. But you can still stay in hotels of different levels in other counties there as well. Keep Reading Xinjiang Accommodation Urumqi Accommodation Hotan Accommodation Altay Accommodation [...]

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