Bayingolin Culture

Bayingolin has a long history and was ever the western political, military, economic and cultural center. The central and southern part of the Silk Road both passed through Bayingolin.

It is a settlement of the Mongolian as well as many other nationalities. There are a total of 37 nationalities, and the Mongolian account for the most of them. Mongolians believe in Buddhism and the Uygur, Kazak and Hui people believe in Islam. Xinjiang Uyghur Guchui Music is a popular wind and drum music there.

Jangar (《江格尔》) a Mongolian heroic epic which is mainly popular in the settlement of the Mongolian in the areas of Altay Mountains. Most scholars believe that it was originated in China’s Oirat Mongolian part. In the 17th century, as the migration of Oirat Mongolians, Jangar was popular in Russia and Mongolia as well, which makes it the great epic across national borders.

Mongolian embroidery takes colorful silk thread and cotton thread, and is done on the cloth, wool felt, and some other materials. It is different from those in other regions. According to the relevant literature, the ancient Mongolian paid a lot of attention to the embroidery art the second half of the 13th century ago.