Bayingolin Travel Tips

Important Numbers

  • Bayingolin Tourism Bureau: 0996-2026030
  • Bayingolin People’s Hospital: 0996-2021856

Post Office

  • Tuanjielu Post Office: No.49 Tuanjie Road
    Tel: 0996-2111627
  • Beizhan Post Office: Across from the Jinzhou Supermarket
    Tel: 0996-2222090


Bayingolin People’s Hospital
Tel: 0996-2021856
Address: No.56 Renmin Road East, Korla city

Matters Need Attention

There are different desserts in Bayingolin so if you plan to visit dessert areas, you may need to prepare enough water. Do not visit to the deep desserts alone.

There are large temperature differences between day and night, so make sure you take suitable and enough clothes with you.