Shanghai Administrative Divisions

As of 2017, Shanghai has jurisdiction over 16 municipal districts, namely, Huangpu District(黄浦区), Xuhui District(徐汇区), Changning District(长宁区), Jing\'an District(静安区), Putuo District(普陀区), Hongkou District(虹口区), Yangpu District(杨浦区), Baoshan District(宝山区), Minhang District(闵行区), Jiading District(嘉定区), Songjiang District(松江区), Qingpu District(青浦区), Fengxian District(奉贤区), Jinshan District(金山区), Pudong New Area(浦东新区), Chongming District(崇明区). The Shanghai Municipal People's Government is located at No. 200, Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District.

Shanghai Administrative Map


More Detailed Administrative Divisions


Administrative Divisions Area(sq km) Population Seat of Government Areas under the Jurisdiction
Huangpu District(黄浦区) 20  656,200(2016) Waitan Subdistrict Nanjing East Road Subdistrict(南京东路街道), Waitan Subdistrict(外滩街道), Bansongyuan Road Subdistrict(瑞金二路街道), Huaihai Central Road Subdistrict(淮海中路街道), Yuyuan Subdistrict(豫园街道), Dapuqiao Subdistrict(打浦桥街道), Laoximen Subdistrict(老西门街道), Xiaodongmen Subdistrict(小东门街道), Wuliqiao Subdistrict(五里桥街道), Bansongyuan Road Subdistrict(半淞园路街道)
Xuhui District(徐汇区) 55 1,088,300(2017) Xujiahui Subdistrict Hunan Road Subdistrict(湖南路街道), Tianping Road Subdistrict(天平路街道), Fenglin Road Subdistrict(枫林路街道), Xujiahui Subdistrict(徐家汇街道), Xietu Road Subdistrict(斜土路街道), Changqiao Subdistrict(长桥街道), Caohejing Sudistrict(漕河泾街道), Kangjian Xincun Subdistrict(康健新村街道), Hongmei Road Subdistrict(虹梅路街道), Tianlin Subdistrict(田林街道), Lingyun Road Subdistrict(凌云路街道), Longhua Subdistrict(龙华街道), Huajing Town(华泾镇)
Changning District(长宁区) 38 693700(2017) Jiangsu Road Subdistrict Huayang Road Subdistrict(华阳路街道), Xinhua Road Subdistrict(新华路街道), Jiangsu Road Subdistrict(江苏路街道), Tianshan Road Subdistrict(天山路街道), Zhoujiaqiao Subdistrict(周家桥街道), Hongqiao Subdistrict(虹桥街道), Xianxia Xincun Subdistrict(仙霞新村街道), Chengjiaqiao Subdistrict(程家桥街道), Beixinjing Subdistrict(北新泾街道), Xinjing Town(新泾镇)
Jing\'an District(静安区) 37  1,067,800(2016) Jiangning Road Subdistrict Jiangning Road Subdistrict(江宁路街道), Jing\'ansi Subdistrict(静安寺街道), Nanjing West Road Subdistrict(南京西路街道), Caojiadu Subdistrict(曹家渡街道), Shimen Second Road Subdistrict(石门二路街道), Tianmu West Road Subdistrict(天目西路街道), Beizhan Subdistrict(北站街道), Baoshan Road Subdistrict(宝山路街道), Zhijiang West Road Subdistrict(芷江西路街道), Gonghexin Road Subdistrict(共和新路街道), Daning Road Subdistrict(大宁路街道), Pengpu Xincun Subdistrict(彭浦新村街道), Linfen Road Subdistrict(临汾路街道), Pengpu Town(彭浦镇)
Putuo District(普陀区) 56 1,284,700(2017) Zhenru Town Subdistrict Caoyang Xincun Subdistrict(曹杨新村街道), Changfeng Xincun Subdistrict(长风新村街道), Changshou Road Subdistrict(长寿路街道), Ganquan Road Subdistrict(甘泉路街道), Shiquan Road Subdistrict(石泉路街道), Yichuan Road Subdistrict(宜川路街道), Wanli Subdistrict(万里街道), Zhenru Town Subdistrict(真如镇街道), Changzheng Town(长征镇), Taopu Town(桃浦镇)
Hongkou District(虹口区) 23 74,420,000(2017) \r\n

Jiaxing Road Subdistrict


Guangzhong Road Subdistrict(广中路街道), Quyang Road Subdistrict(曲阳路街道), Ouyang Road Subdistrict(欧阳路街道), Jiaxing Road Subdistrict(嘉兴路街道), Liangcheng Xincun Subdistrict(凉城新村街道), Sichuan North Road Subdistrict(四川北路街道), Subdistrict(江湾镇街道), Jiangwanzhen Subdistrict(北外滩街道)
Yangpu District(杨浦区) 61 1,313,222 Pingliang Road Subdistrict Dinghai Road Subdistrict(定海路街道), Pingliang Road Subdistrict(平凉路街道), Jiangpu Road Subdistrict(江浦路街道), Siping Road Subdistrict(四平路街道), Kongjiang Road Subdistrict(控江路街道), Changbai Xincun Subdistrict(长白新村街道), Yanji Xincun Subdistrict(延吉新村街道), Yinhang Subdistrict(殷行街道), Daqiao Subdistrict(大桥街道), Wujiaochang Subdistrict(五角场街道), Xinjiangwancheng Subdistrict(新江湾城街道), Changhai Road Subdistrict(长海路街道)
Pudong New Area(浦东新区) 1210 5,501,000(2016) Huamu Subdistrict Weifang Xincun Subdistrict(潍坊新村街道), Lujiazui Subdistrict(陆家嘴街道), Zhoujiadu Subdistrict(周家渡街道), Tangqiao Subdistrict(塘桥街道), Shanggang Xincun Subdistrict(上钢新村街道), Nanmatou Road Subdistrict(南码头路街道), Hudong Xincun Subdistrict(沪东新村街道), Jinyang Xincun Subdistrict(金杨新村街道), Yangjing Subdistrict(洋泾街道), Puxing Road Subdistrict(浦兴路街道), Dongming Road Subdistrict(东明路街道), Huamu Subdistrict(花木街道), Chuanshaxin Town(川沙新镇), Gaoqiao Town(高桥镇), Beicai Town(北蔡镇), Heqing Town(合庆镇), Tang Town(唐镇), Caolu Town(曹路镇), Jinqiao Town(金桥镇), Gaohang Town(高行镇), Gaodong Town(高东镇), Zhangjiang Town(张江镇), Sanlin Town(三林镇), Huinan Town(惠南镇), Zhoupu Town(周浦镇), Xinchang Town(新场镇), Datuan Town(大团镇), Kangqiao Town(康桥镇), Hangtou Town(航头镇), Zhuqiao Town(祝桥镇), Nicheng Town(泥城镇), Xuanqiao Town(宣桥镇), Shuyuan Town(书院镇), Wanxiang Town(万祥镇), Laogang Town(老港镇), Nanhui Xincheng Town(南汇新城镇)
Minhang District(闵行区) 372 2,534,300(2017) Shenzhuang Town Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict(江川路街道), Xinhong Subdistrict(新虹街道), Gumei Road Subdistrict(古美路街道), Pujin Subdistrict(浦锦街道), Shenzhuang Town(莘庄镇), Qibao Town(七宝镇), Pujiang Town(浦江镇), Meilong Town(梅陇镇), Hongqiao Town(虹桥镇), Maqiao Town(马桥镇), Wujing Town(吴泾镇), Huacao Town(华漕镇), Zhuanqiao Town(颛桥镇)
Baoshan District(宝山区) 294 1,904,800 Youyi Road Subdistrict Luodian Town(罗店镇), Dachang Town(大场镇), Yanghang Town(杨行镇), Yuepu Town(月浦镇), Luojing Town(罗泾镇), Gucun Town(顾村镇), Gaojing Town(高境镇), Miaohang Town(庙行镇), Songnan Town(淞南镇), Baoshan City Industrial Park(宝山城市工业园区), Wusong Subdistrict(吴淞街道), Youyi Road Subdistrict(友谊路街道),Zhangmiao Subdistrict(张庙街道)
Jiading District(嘉定区) 464 1,588,900(2018) Xincheng Road Subdistrict Xincheng Road Subdistrict(新成路街道), Zhenxin Subdistrict(真新街道), Subdistrict(菊园新区管委会), Jiading Town Subdistrict(嘉定镇街道), Nanxiang Town(南翔镇), Anting Town(安亭镇), Malu Town(马陆镇), Xuhang Town(徐行镇), Huating Town(华亭镇), Waigang Town(外冈镇), Jiangqiao Town(江桥镇), Jiading Industrial Zone(嘉定工业区)
Jinshan District(金山区) 611 798,000(2015) Shanyang Town Shihua Subdistrict(石化街道), Jinshan Industrial Zone(金山工业区), Zhujing Town(朱泾镇), Fengjing Town(枫泾镇), Zhangyan Town(张堰镇), Tinglin Town(亭林镇), Lvxiang Town(吕巷镇), Langxia Town(廊下镇), Jinshanwei Town(金山卫镇), Caojing Town(漕泾镇), Shanyang Town(山阳镇)
Songjiang District(松江区) 605 1,764,800(2016) Fangsong Subdistrict Yueyang Subdistrict(岳阳街道), Yongfeng Subdistrict(永丰街道), Fangsong Subdistrict(方松街道), Zhongshan Subdistrict(中山街道), Guangfulin Subdistrict(广富林街道), Jiuliting Subdistrict(九里亭街道), Sijing Town(泗泾镇), Sheshan Town(佘山镇), Chedun Town(车墩镇), Xinqiao Town(新桥镇), Dongjing Town(洞泾镇), Jiuting Town(九亭镇), Maogang Town(泖港镇), Shihudang Town(石湖荡镇), Xinbang Town(新浜镇), Yexie Town(叶榭镇), Xiaokunshan Town(小昆山镇)
Qingpu District(青浦区) 676 1,215,000(2016) Xiayang Subdistrict  Zhujiajiao Town(朱家角镇), Zhaoxiang Town(赵巷镇), Xujing Town(徐泾镇), Huxin Town(华新镇), Chonggu Town(重固镇), Baihe Town(白鹤镇), Liantang Town(练塘镇), Jinze Town(金泽镇), Xiayang Subdistrict(夏阳街道),Yingpu Subdistrict(盈浦街道), Xianghuaqiao Subdistrict(香花桥街道)
Fengxian District(奉贤区) 687 1,155,300(2017) Nanqiao Town Xidu Subdistrict(西渡街道), Fengpu Subdistrict(奉浦街道), Nanqiao Town(南桥镇), Fengcheng Town(奉城镇), Zhuanghuang Town(庄行镇), Jinhui Town(金汇镇), Situan Town(四团镇), Qingcun Town(青村镇), Tuolin Town(柘林镇), Haiwan Town(海湾镇), ShanghaiFengxian Bay Tourism Zone(上海市奉贤区海湾旅游区), Jinhai Community(金海社区)
Chongming District(崇明区) 1411 671,000 Chengqiao Town Chengqiao Town(城桥镇), Bu Town(堡镇), Xinhe Town(新河镇), Miao Town(庙镇), Shuxin Town(竖新镇), Xianghua Town(向化镇), Sanxing Town(三星镇), Gangyan Town(港沿镇), Zhongxing Town(中兴镇), Chenjia Town(陈家镇), Lvhua Town(绿华镇), Gangxi Town(港西镇), Jianshe Town(建设镇), Xinhai Town(新海镇), Dongping Town(东平镇), Changxing Town(长兴镇), Xincun Township(新村乡), Hengsha Township(横沙乡)

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