Shanghai Education

Shanghai Education is one of the most advanced in entire China. What's more, Shanghai Education Tours will certainly leave your students with a much greater appreciation of Shanghai. Shanghai is the largest city in China by population and is the second most populous city in the world. It is a major administrative, shipping and trading city and located on the estuary of the Yangtze River. Shanghai was among the first cities in China to achieve universal primary and junior secondary education, and was also among the first to achieve almost universal senior secondary education. Nestled among all of this are a number of high-quality universities, such as Fudan University, Tongjji Universitiy, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc. Hence, Shanghai with the World's School System is the best place to take a School Trip.

Schools Number in 2018

General Institutes o Higher Education 64
Private Regular Institutions of Higher Education 19
Secondary Schools 913
Private Secondary Schools 131
Oridinary Primary Schools 721
Private Primary Schools 111
Special Education Schools 30
Adult Middle and Higher Education Schools 26
Adult Vocational and Technical Training Institutions 631
Educational Institutions for the Elderly 290
Extra-school Educational Institutions 23

Top Universities and Colleges in Shanghai

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Fudan University 复旦大学 No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区邯郸路220号) (021)65642222
Tongji University 同济大学 No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区四平路1239号) (021)65982200
East China University of Science and Technology 华东理工大学 No. 130 Meilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区梅陇路130号) (021)64253300
Shanghai Theatre Academy 上海戏剧学院 No. 630 Huashan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区华山路630号) (021)62482920
Shanghai University 上海大学 No. 99 Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai(上海市宝山区上大路99号) (021)66132222,(021)96928188
East China Normal University 华东师范大学 No. 3663 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai(上海市普陀区中山北路3663号) (021)62233333
Shanghai Jiaotong University 上海交通大学
No. 800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai(上海市闵行区东川路800号)
Shanghai Conservatory of Music 上海音乐学院 No. 20 Fenyang Road(汾阳路20号) (021)64312000
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 上海理工大学 No. 516 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区军工路516号) (021)55277040
Shanghai International Studies University 上海外国语大学 No. 1550 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai(上海市松江区文翔路1550号) (021)67701068
Shanghai Maritime University 上海海事大学 No. 2600 Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区浦东大道2600号) (021)58711692
East China University of Political Science and Law 华东政法大学 No. 1575 Wanhangdu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai(上海市普陀区万航渡路1575号) (021)62071888
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 上海中医药大学 No.1200 Cailun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区蔡伦路1200号) (021)51322222

Top Middle and High Schools in Shanghai

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Shanghai Chuansha Middle School 上海市川沙中学 No. 324 Xinchuan Road, Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area(浦东新区川沙镇新川路324号) (021)58921330
Nanhui No. 2 Middle School 上海市南汇第二中学 No. 2300 Gongbei Road, Huinan Town(惠南镇拱北路2300号) (021)68036042
Shanghai Tianjiabing Middle School 上海市田家炳中学 No. 185 Jingfeng Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区景凤路185号) (021)56836868
Shanghai Kongjiang Junior Middle School 上海市控江初级中学 No. 118 Yongji Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区永吉路118号) (021)65300726
No. 2 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU  华东师范大学第二附属中学 No. 555 Chenhui Road, Pudong New Area(浦东新区晨晖路555号) (021)50801890
Baode Middle School 保德中学 No. 874 Pingshun Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区平顺路874号) (021)56836384
Shanghai Qingyun Middle School 上海市青云中学 No. 389 Zhiyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区止园路389号) (021)56629204
Shanghai Fuxing Senior Middle School 上海市复兴高级中学 No. 28 Chezhan South Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai(上海市虹口区车站南路28号) (021)65606715
Gaoqiao Experimental Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University 上海师范大学附属高桥实验中学 No. 4086 Laiyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区莱阳路4086号)

(021)58620010, (021)58626355, (021)58626373

Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 Middle School 上海市曹杨第二中学 No. 160 Meichuan Road, Putuo District(普陀区梅川路160号) (021)62548322
No. 1 Middle School Affiliated to Tongji Univeristy 同济大学第一附属中学 No. 100 Guohao Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区国浩路100号) (021)35306854
Pudong Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Internatiaonal Studies University 上海外国语大学附属浦东外国语学校 No. 91 Darwin Road(达尔文路91号) (021)58558846
Nanyang Middle School 南洋中学 No. 200 Longhua Middle Road, Xuhui District(徐汇区龙华中路200号) (021)64031656
Shanghai Yangjing Middle School 上海市洋泾中学 No. 111 Weifang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区潍坊路111号) (021)58302299
Guncun Middle School 顾村中学 No. 93 Diantai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai(上海市宝山区电台路93号) (021)56043646,(021)56042430
Gongkang Middle School 共康中学 No. 248 Changlin Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区长临路248号) (021)56408800
Shanghai Sanmen Middle School 上海市三门中学 No. 838 Zhengli Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区政立路838号) (021)65912319
Huxin Middle School 沪新中学 No. 224 Laiyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区莱阳路224号) (021)58710139

Top Elementary Schools in Shanghai

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Zhangjiang Gaoke Experimental Primary School 张江高科实验小 No. 88 Huoxiang Road(藿香路88号) (021)50275508
No. 2 Central Primary School 浦东新区第二中心小学 No. 517 Juye Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区巨野路517号) (021)58218410
Gonglu Central Primary School 龚路中心小学 No. 69 Gonghua Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区龚华路69) (021)58562528
Yonghe Primary School 永和小学 No. 891 Gaoping Road, Jing'an District(静安区高平路891号) (021)56683947
Laoshan Primary School 上海市浦东新区崂山小学 No. 300 Nanquan North Road, Pudong New Area(浦东新区南泉北路300号) (021)58760242
Yifu Primary School 逸夫小学 No. 400 Luoxiu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区罗秀路400号) (021)64104440
Jiangwan Central Primary School 江湾中心小学 No. 1 Alley of No. 1321 Yixian Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai(上海市宝山区逸仙路1321弄1号) (021)65421751
Gaoqiao Town Primary School 高桥镇小学 No. 789 Huashan Road(花山路789号) (021)58614683,(021)58618152
Zhongshan North Road Primary School 中山北路小学 No. 1000 Gonghexin Road(共和新路1000号) (021)56632266
Zhangqiao Central Primary School 浦东新区张桥中心小学 No. 114 Yongning Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区永宁路114号) (021)58992969
Chenggong Jiaoyu Experimental Primary School 上海市成功教育实验小学 No. 17 Alley of No. 737 Lingshi Road(灵石路737弄17号) (021)56771001
Hongqi Primary School 红旗小学 No. 101 Wenzhi Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai(上海市虹口区文治路101号) (021)65422752
 Guangling Road Primary School 广灵路小学 No. 120 Guangling First Road, Hongkou District(虹口区广灵一路120号) (021)65420648
Shanghai Yiliu Primary School 上海市六一小学 No. 25 Zhengtong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区政通路25号) (021)65385727

Top Kindergartens in Shanghai

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Zhongfuhui Xincheng Kindergarten 中福会新城幼儿园 No. 509 Aksu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai(上海市嘉定区阿克苏路509号) (021)69160509
Shangahi Experimental Kindergarten 上海市实验幼儿园(杏山路) No. 26 Zaoyang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai(上海市普陀区枣阳路26号) (021)62571473
Loutang Kindergarten 嘉定区娄塘幼儿园 No. 484 Nanxin Road, Loutang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai(上海市嘉定区娄塘镇南新路484号) (021)59546660
Boshiwa Kindergarten 博士娃幼儿园(新沪路) No. 41 Alley of No. 1059 Xinhu Road, Baoshan District(宝山区新沪路1059弄41号) (021)66391298
Shanghai Shangde Kangqiao Kindergarten 上海尚德康桥幼儿园 No. 508 Kangyan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区康沿路508号)
Haifu Longyang Kindergarten 海富龙阳幼儿园 No. 201 Donghuanlong Road(东环龙路201号) (021)50398797
Shanghai Qingcaodi Bilingual Kindergarten 上海青草地双语幼儿园 No. 180 Xinyu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai(上海市嘉定区新郁路180号) (021)59188111
Shanghai Hehuachi Kindergarten 上海市荷花池幼儿园 No. 468 Quxi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区瞿溪路468号) (021)63129826
Punan Kindergarten 浦南幼儿园(云莲校区) No. 25 Alley of No. 600 Dongming Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区东明路600弄25号) (021)50870615
Baoxiang Kindergarten 宝翔幼儿园 Unit 25, No. 302 Alley, Qilin Road, Jiading District, Shanghai(上海市嘉定区栖林路302弄25单元) (021)69512155
Shanghai Kindergarten 上海幼儿园 No. 378 Shangzhong West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区上中西路378号) (021)64250961
Sheshan Central Kindergarten 佘山中心幼儿园 No. 175 Sheyuan Road, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai(上海市松江区佘山镇佘苑路175号) (021)57658086
Xingzhi Kindergarten 行知幼稚园 No. 46 Baolin Third Village(宝林三村46号) (021)56108735
 Jiuxiu Kindergarten 锦绣幼儿园(锦绣路) No. 2460 Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区锦绣路2460号) (021)50270753
Kongjiang Kindergarten 控江幼儿园 No. 18 Kongjiang Fifth Village, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区控江五村18号) (021)65300465

International Schools in Shanghai

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Hongqiao International School 虹桥国际学校 No. 218 Yili South Road, Changning District, Shanghai(上海市长宁区伊犁南路218号) (021)62683121
Shanghai Changning International School 上海长宁国际学校 No. 1161 Hongqiao Road, Changning District(长宁区虹桥路1161号) (021)62614338
Shanghai Xiehe International School 上海协和国际学校 No. 999 Mingyue Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区明月路999号) (021)58990380
Shanghai Jinpingguo Bilingual School 上海金苹果双语学校 No. 1555 Jufeng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区巨峰路1555号) (021)68973868
Shanghai Yaozhong International School 上海耀中国际学校 No. 11-15 Shuicheng Road(水城路11-15号) (021)22267666
Shanghai Dulwich College  上海德威英国国际学校 No. 2000 Xipujing Road, Maqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai(上海市闵行区马桥镇茜浦泾路2000号) (021)33299399
Daning International School 上海市静安区大宁国际学校 No. 2166 Pingxingguan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区平型关路2166号) (021)66252266
Shanghai Elang International Bilingual Kindergarten  上海爱朗国际双语幼儿园 No. 8 Alley of No. 629 Chenglong Road(城隆路629弄8号) 城隆路629弄8号

Famous Educational Training Centers in Shanghai

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Yunling Culture and Education 云凌文化教育 No. 198 Chengshan Road(成山路198号) (021)60752992
Zili Education 自力教育 Floor 4-6/9/14 Huiyun Building, No. 180 Yunnan South Road(云南南路180号淮云大厦4~6/9/14层) (021)22818001
Jingrui Education 精锐教育 Floor 1, No. 252 Weining Road(威宁路252号1楼) (021)62912323
Xindongfang 新东方 No. 799 Hutai Road, Jing'an District(静安区沪太路799号) 4007021021
Shanghai Zeji Education 上海泽稷教育 Floor 5, No. 300 Jipu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区吉浦路300号5楼) 4008078199
Four Seasons Education 四季教育(金桥校区) No. 1359 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区金桥路1359号) (021)58850821
Shuangmei Parent-Child Education Training School 双美亲子教育培训学校 No. 10 Alley of No. 149 Jiaozhou Road, Jing'an Distrcit, Shanghai(上海市静安区胶州路一四九弄10) (021)62586238
 Education First 英孚教育 Floor 3 Huxin Haixin Building, No. 666 Fuzhou Road, Huangpu District(黄浦区福州路666号华鑫海欣大厦3楼) 4001188433
Wall Street English 华尔街英语 Floor 1-2, No. 32 Wanhangdu Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区万航渡路32号1-2层) 4008540085
AA English AA英语(浦东校区) Building A, Boshuo Creative Industrial Park, No. 633 Eshan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区峨山路633号博硕创意园A幢) (021)61093589

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Students Educational Tours in Shanghai

Through the excellent education tours, children can broaden their horizons, exercise their will, learn good habits, etc. At present, there are all kinds of education tours in Shanghai. Campus Tour is a highlight of education tours due to a number of high-quality universities nestled in Shanghai, such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Every University has its own culture, which is a best place to experience the cultural atmosphere. Shanghai is an international metropolis with a blend of rich history and fashionable modernity. Hence, it is a good place to take a Shanghai City Tour, which can make students to experience the mixture of western culture and eastern culture.