Xin’an River in Huangshan

Why is Xin’an River So Special?

Reputed as Gallery of Water and Mountains, Xin’an River stretches 200km long, showing her fascinating beauty by linking Mt. Huangshan area at its headstream and Qiandao Lake (a beautiful lake near Hangzhou) at its lower reaches. This river has an important significance for the local economy, for it is a vital waterway for the local people. They Ship out timber and local agricultural products and transfers in salt and manufactured goods. Along the river, Tunxi Town, Yuliang Town Shendu Town used to have bustling river ports in old days.

Where is Xin’an River?

The essence of Xin’an River is located in Shendu Town (深渡镇) of Huangshan City and reaches to about 50 kilometers (31 miles) long.

How to Get to Xin’an River

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Bus: Take bus No.2, No.12 to get to Xin’an River.

Main Attractions in Xin’an River

Peaceful Scenery

Xin’n River’s peaceful scenery, crystal clear stream, gently flowing and quiet reflection make Huangshan more attractive. Along the flowing of stream, you would be attracted by the traditional and special Hui-style local houses standing on both sides. Glance at the far away, the bamboo and tea bushes, along with the loquat and orange forests on the hills extend as far as you can see, dancing a wash painting. Sailing on the river, you would lost yourself in the incredible grace and simple world.

Hongling Village

Hongling village is also called Maihuayu Village, which translates to “selling flower fishing village”. However, this village has nothing to do with fishing, and the main produce of the village is bonsai. The villagers grow the bonsai and sell them to make a living. The bonsai business brings treasure to this remote village, and many families have been able to build new houses.

Boat Drifting

Scenic spots along the Xinan River make the sailing more interesting. The most exiting project of Xin’an River boat drifting is “drifting in fog”. In winter and summer season, or after a storm, there is a very unique form of advection fog above the river. With the wind and flowing river, the fog move slowly. When you are taking a boat drifting above the river, with the beautiful mountain scenery by the both sides of the river, it makes you feel like immersed in the dream-like paradise.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Cruise from Huangshan to Qiandao Lake: Route, Departure Time, Duration
    Shendu Town – Qiandao Lake 07:40a.m. about 4 hours 11:30a.m. about 4 hours
    Qiandao Lake – Shendu Town 06:30a.m. about 4 hours 12:30p.m. about 4 hours
  2. It would be better for you to travel with a tour guide for a better understanding of Huizhou Culture.

Nearby Attractions

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