Song Dynasty Imperial Street in Kaifeng

Song Dynasty Imperial Street

The Song Dynasty Imperial Street was the very passage constructed for the emperor. It started from Xuande Gate of the Imperial Palace, via Zhou Bridge and Zhuqiu Gate, and ended at Nanxun Gate, totaling over ten li.

The Imperial Street was constructed on the relics of the original one, starting from Xinjie Mouth, ending at Wuzhao Gate, over 400 meters long. At the southern end of this street erects a tall memorial archway in front of which is a carved elephant ridden by a warrior with a spear in his hand. In this street there are shops and stores which run local products, antiques, etc. The street is entered by an arch at the southern end, and is clustered with shops and restaurants, including a couple of good art and nice curio shops. Most of the commodities sold here are travelers’ souvenirs such as Henan specialties, artifacts, calligraphy, New Year pictures and traditional paintings. All of the shopping assistants are dressed in traditional Song Dynasty costume.

How to get to Song Dynasty Imperial Street

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Take bus No.1 to Song Dynasty Imperial Street.

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