Yuanjiajie Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie

Why is Yuanjiajie Scenic Area So Special?

Yuanjiajie Scenic Area is about 1200 hectares, with an average altitude of 1074 meters. Located in the north of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it is a pearl inlaid in the core scenic area of Wulingyuan. The name of Yuanjiajie comes from the Later Tang Dynasty.

Where is Yuanjiajie Scenic Area

Yuanjiajie Scenic Area is located northwest of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and southwest of Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve – and borders on both of these subsections of Wulingyuan.

How to Get to Yuanjiajie Scenic Area

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

Catch a tourist bus from Zhangjaijie Central Bus Station to Zhangjaijie National Forest Park and then change to the free sightseeing bus with your entrance ticket to Yangjaijie.

Main Attractions in Yuanjiajie Scenic Area

Imperial Garden

Imperial garden refers to the garden belonging to the Chinese emperor. In Yuanjiajie, people will find another imperial garden belonging to the God. When people find a giant rock which may block the way, just turn around it, and there is a marvelous scene behind it. About ten peaks are standing straightly, while green rivers are surrounding them.

South Pillar of Heaven

South Pillar of Heaven, or “The Pillar Between Heaven and Earth”, as it is as commonly known, is said to be the natural physical feature that most inspired James Cameron, maker of the sci-fi, virtual-world film, Avatar, when he came up with the idea of the film’s floating Hallelujah Mountains.

Enchanting Platform

Enchanting Platform (Mi Hun Tai 迷魂台) is about 400 meters east away from No.1 Bridge in the World. Standing at the platform, you will marvel at the best unbelievable scenery with hundreds of various peaks erecting like stone bamboo shoots surrounding you, like pavilions, towers, etc., which is so fabulous! And when it is sunny after rains, the whole world in front is embraced by floating soft clouds and mists at the middle part of the roaring peaks, appearing and then disappearing. Sunch beautiful scene easily makes one wonder where it is, and if there is an immortal or not.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes, and if you intend to do a lot of hiking.
  2. There are some monkeys living in Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, and you are advised to keep away from them in order to protect yourselves.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by Emily Wang/王海玲