Zhangjiajie Dining

Zhangjiajie not only has beautiful sceneries, but also the food of Zhangjiajie can capture your heart and stomach quickly. The Tujia dining of Zhangjiajie has both strong Tujia Minority Group characteristics and the essence of Hunan Cuisine. Spicy, is the speciality of Hunan Cuisine, is also that of Tujia Cuisine. What's more, the cook can skillfully prepare many dishes with a delicious taste and a beautiful presentation by adding various seasonings and adopting a wide variety of cooking techniques.

What to Eat in Zhangjiajie

Silkie and Gastrodia Elata Soup(乌鸡天麻汤)

Silkie and gastrodia elata soup is known as one of the specialties in Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province.This dish is made from silkie and gastrodia elata, as the main materials, stewed with medlar, red dates, refined salt, chives, old ginger, vinegar, etc. It tastes fresh and delicious, and is rich in nutrients. It is a folk nourishing dish, especially for neurasthenia and dizziness.

Tujia Sanxia Pot(土家三下锅)

Tujia Sanxia Pot is one of the specialty snacks in Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province. This dish is made from bacon, carrot and tofu, and is made with spices such as pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, seafood sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine and chicken essence. Nowadays, the Tujia Sanxia Pot can also be made by processing several kinds of pig's intestines, pork tripe, pig's feet, goat tripe, ox trip, pig's head meat, etc. The Sanxia Pot is divided into dry pot and soup pot. For people who cannot eat spicy food, the Soup Pot is the best choice.

Sangzhi Salt Dried Bean Curd(桑植盐豆腐干)

Sangzhi Salt Dried Bean Curd is a specialty snack in Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. Sangzhi Salt Dried Bean Curd became popular in the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty. It was once listed as a tribute and famous as a capital city. Salt Dried Bean Curd has rich nutritional value and has the functions of clearing heat, moistening dryness, detoxification, etc. and is favored by people.

Chicken and Duck Stewed with Gyrophora(石耳炖鸡鸭)

Chicken and Duck Stewed with Gyrophora is one of the specialties in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. This dish is made from chicken or duck, gyrophora, salt, yellow wine, onion, ginger and so on. It tastes delicious and nutritious.

Eel with Lettuce(鳝鱼下莴菜)

Eel with lettuce is one of the specialty snacks in Cili County, Zhangjiajie, Hunan. The cooking method is to fry the eel with vegetable oil, then into the hot pot. After the soup is boiled, eat the eel and add the lettuce. It tastes delicious and has the unique flavor.

Where to Eat in Zhangjiajie

 Fu Zhengyi Sanxia Pot(Zhangjiajie)(富正毅三下锅(张家界店))

Address: No. 56 Dayong Road, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province(湖南省张家界市永定区大庸路56号)

Qin Aunt Restaurant(秦大妈)

Address: Front 100 meters of Huatian Grand Hotel(华天大酒店前方100米)

Mr. Hu Sanxia Pot(Sanjiaoping)(胡师傅三下锅(三角坪店))

Address: No. 897 Ziwu Road, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province(湖南省张家界市永定区子午路897号)

Qin Aunt Rice Crust Restaurant(Nanzhuangping)(秦大妈锅巴饭店(南庄坪店))

Address: No. 8 of Alley 2, Ziweiyuan Community, Nanzhuang Road, Yongding District(永定区南庄路紫薇苑小区2巷8号)

Weixiangyuan Restaurant of Tujia Private Home Cuisine(味湘源食府土家私房菜)

Address: No. 118 Shop of Building B, Guanliping Neighborhood Committee(官黎坪办事处官黎坪居委会B栋118号门面)

Pengchu Restaurant(Huilong Road)(彭厨(回龙路店))

Address: No. 150 Huilong Road, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province(湖南省张家界市永定区回龙路150号)

Zuixing Xiangxi Restaurant(Zhangjiajie Branch)(醉行湘西(张家界分店))

Address: No. 2 Building, Guanliping Guihuayuan, Yongding District(永定区官黎坪桂花园二楼)

Wanjia Denghuo Restaurant(Yueliangwan)(万家灯火(月亮湾店))

Address: No. 1 Shop of Building 7, Yueliangwan, Gangdong Road(岗东路月亮湾7栋1号门面)

Laoyuanzi Restaurant(Yongding Avenue)(老院子饭庄(永定大道店))

Address: No. 2 East of Yongding Avenue(close to the entrance of Changzhang Expressway)(永定大道东2号(近常张高速入口处))

Xiangheji Restaurant(Yongding District)(湘和记(永定区店))

Address: No. 2 Building of Linjie Shopping Mall, Cross Street, Huilong Road(回龙路十字街临街商场二号楼)

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