Jinli Old Street in Chengdu

Why is Jinli Old Street So Special?

Jinli Old Street is one of the oldest shopping streets in Sichuan Province, and it can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms Period, over 1,800 years ago. This street, which is only 350 meters long, is a stage for life in Chengdu and showcases its features. Walking in this street, historic lanes, old official residences, vernacular dwelling, inns and shops will bring you back to the ancient China. The elegant style of the architectures tells you what Sichuan looks like during the Qing Dynasty. Sichuan Culture is inlayed in this ancient street.

Where is Jinli Old Street?

Jinli Old Street is located to the east of the Wuhou Temple of Chengdu. And the address of the street is No. 231 Wuhouci Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu. The street lies about  7 km from Chengdu Railway Station, and 17 km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

How to Get to Jinli Old Street?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Bus: Take Bus 1, 57, 82, 334, 335 or 1126, and get off at Wu Hou Ci (Wuhou Temple) Station.

By Taxi: From Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, it’s about 17 km from Jinli Ancient Street, and the drive will take about 40 minutes if you take a taxi.

What to See in Jinli Old Street?

Folk Artist Performances

At the roadside stands, tourists can easily see many folk art performances on the street. Jinli Old Street is a ideal place to experience the local folk art culture. Such as sugar painting, clay figurines, paper cutouts, and puppet shadow show, etc. are all available on the street. You can purchases these products, and they are the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Local Snacks

The citizens of Chengdu are particularly fond of dining. Here there are many restaurants as well as sidewalk booths offering local snacks that will make your mouth water. San Da Pao is a distinctive snack of Sichuan Province and is made from sticky rice, brown sugar, sesame, and beans. And the sweet dried persimmon here is also considered a unique reflection of Chengdu.

Sichuan Opera

In the middle of Jinli Street, there is a wooden stage which looks like an ancient pavilion. It is used from time to time for performing classic Sichuan Operas. It is worth mentioning that the stage of the ancient stage is made of ancient wood, which is also carved with wood carvings based on the stories of the Three Kingdoms. The ancient stage regularly presents the classic plays of Sichuan Opera, so that tourists can learn more about the local culture.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Open Hours: Some snack stores will close around 22:00, and some drinking bars will open all night
  2. A talented craftsman can be find in Jinli old street, who can write your name on a grain of rice and put it in a necklace.

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Edited by Emily Wang/王海玲