Gulou Night Market in Kaifeng

Gulou Night Market

Kaifeng night market, situated at Gulou square,Kaifeng’s bustling night market wraps around the Drum Tower, is the must-go street food place at night. There are Kaifeng-style Xiaolongbao, lamb soup, fried yogurt… Countless choices of food! Savoring the delicious food, standing at the foot of the extraordinary Drum Tower built 1000 years ago and enjoying the Chinese opera, you’ll feel like walking back to the prosperity of China’s ancient Song Dynasty.

Citizens and tourists taste snacks at the night market in Gulou square in Kaifeng, central China’s Henan Province, July 9, 2014. Night-market snacks at Gulou square have become the iconic brand of Kaifeng catering culture with reconstruction of Gulou and standard management of Kaifeng snacks. There is veritable hodgepodge of stalls, with non-food offerings ranging from jeans and children’s toys to on-the-spot tattoos and nail art.

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