Small Songcheng Old Town in Kaifeng

Why is Small Songcheng Old Town So Special?

The Small Songcheng Old Town is dominated by wooden antique buildings, corridors and flowing water, pavilions, pavilions and pavilions, and the traditional opera singing on the stage, as if bringing people back to the Northern Song Dynasty. And has been “the first choice of foreign tourists”, “cultural tourism new landmark” and other reputation.

Main areas of Small Songcheng Old Town

Folk Catering Area

Folk catering area is located in the west of Small Songcheng Old Town, covering an area of about 20000 square meters. It has more than 100 shops and stalls, showing the catering culture of Kaifeng.

Characteristic Cultural Business District

Located on the first floor of the center and the third floor of the west, the characteristic cultural business district mainly deals in Arts and crafts, works of art, jewelry and jade with Kaifeng cultural characteristics, which is a high-end cultural tourism commodity exhibition and sales block. It focuses on the tourism culture of the seven ancient capitals of Kaifeng, adopts the ancient architectural decoration style of the Northern Song Dynasty, reappears the beautiful scenery of time and space, and feels the prosperity of the Millennium Song Dynasty at the same time of shopping.

Tokyo Movie City

Tokyo movie city is the first modern multi Hall digital movie city built with standard hardware facilities in Kaifeng, with a total area of 5000 square meters. There are 7 standard projection halls and the only super luxury VIP projection hall in Kaifeng, with 7 professional metal screens, which can accommodate 1300 people to watch movies at the same time.

Queen’s Road International Entertainment Club

Queen’s Road International Entertainment Club is located in the Noble Club, which is specially for business negotiation and social entertainment of dignitaries and businessmen.

Cultural Perform in Small Songcheng Old Town

At 16:00 and 20:00 every day, the large-scale indoor song and dance drama “thousand back to the Song Dynasty” will be staged in the main hall of the little Song Dynasty on time, with a performance time of 90 minutes.

Taking Kaifeng’s history and culture as the main line, the drama “thousand back to the Song Dynasty” adopts the most advanced stage special effects, holographic technology and other creative means and high technology, integrates modern fashion elements into the historical and traditional culture, reappears the prosperity of Bianjing, and makes people feel the charm of song culture.

How to Get to Small Songcheng Old Town?

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Take bus No.11, No.13, No.16, No.17, No.30, No.31 and No.37 to Small Songcheng Old Town.

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